Meh i prefered the historical setting in the first one However i have the full series from the library so i will probably continue any way.
We finally learn the meaning of the title Can I also say that Setona can do no wrong She s quickly becoming my new favorite manga ka She writes taboo topics in the most beautiful ways If you haven t picked up this series yet, you need to

Let me state one fact about me I am a sucker for great characters There s a good chance that even if the story s weak, so long as I love the characters, I will like the book I m all about how characters react to the story rather than the story itself.
This is definitely a case of that.
On paper, this manga series sounds like something I would hate In practice, the characters are so well done that I couldn t stop smiling I especially liked Alice, who might look like just a pretty face but turns out to be practical almost to a fault and real behind the unbelievable beauty I also love the vampire clan, though I can t put my finger quite on the details of their personalities as of yet.
The way this story is done, too, is great Vampires are so overdone these days, and almost always done in the style of Twilight AKA, defang the vampires and make Once I got past the bugs ants, spiders, etc that the vamps use as familiars, I am quite enjoying this series Alice as the twins named her has awakened, and Dimitri has made her their Queen , and set forth conditions for her She must fall in love with one of the vampires, and bear his child, in order to continue the vampire race But, nothing is never that simple or sweet Both her and her mate will die after she gives birth to the vampire child.
Not going to lie Dimitri has grown a soft spot in my heart I also love how the vampiric storyline is building It is not something I have ever read before I love authors that build away from the typical storylines Age Group Young Adult Angsty Very little Romance Scale Not in the realm of high school love circles cliches Graphics Black and white Setting of Story City and mansion Ah Such a good series 3 黒薔薇アリス 2 Å This is one of the best vampire manga I have ever read written in Josei style Mizushiro sensei manage to bring reader on an adventure from the historical setting in Vienna to the Taisho and modern era of Tokyo Every character has a chance to develop The character that I like the most is Leo with his self less love for Alice I wish that there is a sequel to this manga.
Okay so Short version More spiders.
A teacher gets in an accident and is dying Her soul gets saved and put into a body from the 1900s She was saved to have sex with Vampires and have a child by one of them she will die after giving birth She agrees to save her boyfriend s life without actually knowing what she s agreeing too.
Excuse the language, but this is all kinds of fucked up.
Book, 2 Author Setona Mizushiro This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book 2, Essay By Setona Mizushiro Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For [ read Online 黒薔薇アリス 2 ↠´ words PDF ] by Setona Mizushiro î You The series got a little better after reading this second book There s depth to the characters, as well as what I consider to be a much different twist at the end of this one I was happy to have the next book in the series already by my side, because I felt compelled to keep reading Any story that can do that, that can pull you in with intrigue, is just fantastic.

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