I didn t like it because it was fiction parading as non fiction, from the story to the author William Ayers wrote this book, not Obama And it s filled from the first page to the last with evasions, omissions, obfuscations, skirtings of the truth, and outright lies.
It is a good thing that these days, if a Democratic candidate wants to continue war and occupation in Iraq, he has to call it phased redeployment a la Obama, rather than 20,000 troops, a la Kerry People are fed up with the old policies, and they re looking towards candidates who talk left I think that s a sign of a real shift among regular people, and we shouldn t dismiss anyone who wants to see real change but still has hopes in the Democratic Party This is true even if we already know through bitter experience that a goal of the Democrats is to lower hopes and expectations as much as possible all the easier to dash those hopes in the end Thus, Harry Reid s telling reply to the millions of anti war voters who sent his party to Congress only to watch the Democrats write Bush a blank check for war, maybe we set the bar too high Audacity Of Hope Is Barack Obama S Call For A New Kind Of Politics A Politics That Builds Upon Those Shared Understandings That Pull Us Together As Americans Lucid In His Vision Of America S Place In The World, Refreshingly Candid About His Family Life And His Time In The Senate, Obama Here Sets Out His Political Convictions And Inspires Us To Trust In The Dogged Optimism That Has Long Defined Us And That Is Our Best Hope Going Ô The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream È Download by ó Barack Obama Forward The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama is subtitled thoughts on reclaiming the American Dream This immediately gives the reader a whiff of things to come this book is written by a politician, on the make, with specific political objectives And when one realises that it was first published in 2006, one immediately understands what the main objective is.
The so called American Dream is about a utopia where anyone can rise up in life from the rock bottom by sheer hard work, without any support whatever be your caste, creed or colour Of course it s a myth but it s a myth which has kept the country going ever since it coalesced into one But after Reagan, with the rise of the right wing and slipping of the Republican Party and into the hands of h ð The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream ò Great book amazing insight and a wonderful read paperback Barack Obama fills me with hope.
Hope for the United States, and hope for America s standing on the world stage.
This book shows the human side of a man who is running for president He tackles many different issues from faith, race, family life, war, international relations, and politics.
All are done in a thoughtful manner.
I get the sense that when he attempts to address an issue that he truly wants to hear from all interested parties, and work to come to an accommodation that everyone can live with.
At least that is his goal from the outset.
He gave an example of a legislative accomplishment from his days in the Illinois State Senate It was a bill that required law enforcement to videotape interrogations and confessions in capital cases At the beginning of the process, no one gave it any chance of passing The police unions were opposed becaus I found the first couple of chapters of this book a bit murky, due to my ignorance of American political life and methods, but after that I found it fascinating I loved the way that Obama can communicate at all levels This book could so easily have been a dry and dusty analysis of his political life and experiences, but instead it was an intensely human and open discussion of the issues that matter to him I liked him before I read the book, and I liked him even afterwards.
I was particularly interested in what he had to say about the plight of blue collar workers in the US whose jobs appear to be squeezed from all angles, and what he had to say about the standards of living for everyone As has been noted elsewhere, life does not seem to be getting easier, except for the very wealthy.
The one chapter I found strange was the one on faith It I used to think that a liberal was simply someone whose background and education was deficient of the facts needed to understand the full ramifications of their left leaning policies For example, in a debate I once heard Maxine Waters D CA incredulously ask Why not when told that the government can t afford free healthcare, free college, free daycare, etc Because apart from the land of fairies and puppy dog tails where the Congresswoman, if not grew up, at least spent most of her summers, there are limits to a nations economic resources.
But I was surprised to find that Barack Obama is not ignorant of these principles Instead, his book follows this basic model Even though history economics common sense show us that liberal policy has resulted in devastating consequence in the past, I still feel we have a duty to the American people to implement liberal policy For example, he ll prefa

Excellent book When I found out he was the narrator had to buy it Did read the hard copy back in 2007 Missed his voice so much, intelligent, inspiring speeches Fall in love with him at the 2004 Democratic convention.
His work in Chicago, ambitious political journey, how he met his wife Values, American history, family and his understanding of the issues we are facing He had the Audacity of Hope to do something about them, but his hands was tied at his back, legs knocked under him.
One think I never understood if we all are God s children and we all bleed red, why all this hate I ve now finished this book, which I ve been reviewing a chapter at a time Before starting, I was concerned that it might lower my opinion of him Many people have been rather dismissive, and perhaps that s why I didn t read it earlier In fact, it has had the opposite effect It s well thought out and convincing, and I respect him The one major criticism I have is that it s stylistically unimpressive you can see that it would have benefited from another revision pass He is however so insanely busy that I m grateful he had time to write it at all There certainly aren t many politicians at his level doing this kind of thing And, with that introduction, the main review I was given this book as a Christmas present by my 19 year old son Kind of symbolic, I guess I am about the same age as Obama, and over the last couple of years have become a huge supporter I man

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