If you have difficulty resolving conflicts with individuals you care about, this book provides the tools to get you started down the path Written in the same style tone as the Five Love Languages by Chapman, this book takes the time to outline, explain, discuss, and give examples of different ways people apologize While it can be very easy to flip through the five different apology styles and think, Yeah, I get it I can understand all of these and don t have to finish reading this whole book , I would recommend taking some time with it, anyway I found that even though I intellectually recognize these different apologies, I emotionally accept some easier than others, and only time to think about, read, and allowing the ideas to internalize will allow me to better accept apologies in other forms You don t have to read the Five Love Languages to understa This book gave me a lot to think about 1 what I need in an apology and 2 what others need.
At first I thought this book was going to be tedious I mean, really, how many books is Gary Chapman going to write with 5 Languages in the title So, I didn t expect this book to tell me much As I read it, though, I realized it was rather an important read Effective apologies aren t something overly well taught or conveyed I didn t find the different languages of apology to be all that earth shattering as they seemed a bit straight forward to me However, since the language needed depends a lot on the situation, it is good to know there are different, and perhaps better, way to apologize But, I liked the ideas brought up in the context of those chapters, especially when Gary brought up how people have a hard time apologizing for things that are not moral wrongs I think this is completely accurate People don t like to apologize for the little things or make changes in their c Age Appropriate For 13 and up some situations discussed Best for Ages 13 and upMy mom recommended this book to me a while back, but I just didn t think about it for a while After all, our family is really good at the whole process We keep short accounts and work through issues My mom and Dad talked about how different people need to hear different things and need different things before the five love language book came out With that said, I hit a situation where I felt my apology was not being heard, so I picked up the book.
First off, I had a major issue with Chapmen Thomas theology They think they stated in the introduction that forgiveness is only a requirement when requested I only hope that the authors confused forgiveness and reconciliation I agree that we cannot always be reconciled to those who hurt us without repentance, ß The Five Languages of Apology: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships Õ For me, this was the perfect book at the perfect time I liked that the author broke an apology down into different languages A simple I m sorry is not always believable, even when it is sincere Some need than that in order to fully process it and move on It amazed me how adding a few different words to an apology can be the difference between forgiveness and grudges or between healing and hurting As with most of this author s other books, it helps to put others first and to meet their relationship needs and not just plowing through with your needs first and foremost.

The Five Languages of Apology is an excellent book that helped me understand repentance and forgiveness better by helping me recognize when others were apologizing to me, and to express my apologies better Some genuine apologies seemed so fake to me, and sometimes other people just didn t seem to get how sorry I was much of this was caused because we were speaking different languages.
The five languages are expressing regret I am sorry , accepting responsibility I was wrong , making restitution What can I do to make it right , genuinely repenting I ll try not to do that again , and requesting forgiveness Will you please forgive me The book expresses these in clear wording and salient examples it s large print and a short read, unless you absolutely can t, getting your hands on a copy is indispensable to understanding the foreign languages Unlike the I ve read The Five Love Languages How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate and The Five Love Languages for Singles and appreciate knowing the love languages and knowing what mine are, what my spouse s are, and those of family and close friends My husband and I were discussing the love languages again the other day and went to Chapman s website, where we noticed a quiz for apology languages So we both took it and then I read this book Knowing how we are when we apologize or the type of apology we expect from each other makes so much sense, and also knowing how we are with others or in business situations For me, making restitution and genuinely repenting indicate a sincere, meaningful apology, but for my husband, expressing regret and accepting responsibility are enough Asking forgiveness is the fifth language.
I highly recommend taking this quiz to find out your apo I really enjoyed the first chapter of this book and agree with the authors that there are various languages of apology I have noticed in my own marriage that at times my husband and I struggle with communicating our apology to one another But within the next few chapters I soon disagreed with the author about the issue of when to forgive I believe that we need to be cultivating a heart of forgiveness and taking our hurt to God so that when someone does apologies we are ready to extend our forgiveness to them The I read, I was struck with the fact that the root of the problem is pride We stuggle to give some one an apology because of our own pride If you have time to read this book I would suggest you instead read some good books about pride If you begin to work on the pride in your life we all have it I tink the languag Several of my friends are reading other books in this line the five love languages, etc One of them told me to keep my filter on I ll say This book has a very Christian focus The chapter on forgiveness was pretty much useless to me, as it was mostly let go and let God Would a careful reading of the book jacket have forewarned me Possibly A lot of the examples are also based on Christian morals Man, I thought I had problemspeople get upset about some really silly things Note looking at porn porn addiction Hello I think what bothered me most was that there was a lack of what I d consider healthy boundaries in the example scenarios solutions Warning potential trigger ahead I found it offensive to suggest that a molested child who had run away from home return and apologize to her parents first In fact, I kinda turned the air in the room a bit blue when I read that.
Despite all that, I wi As You Have A Different Love Language, You Also Hear And Express The Words And Gestures Of Apology In A Different Language New York Times Best Selling Author Gary Chapman Teamed With Counselor Jennifer Thomas On This Groundbreaking Study Of The Way We Apologize, Discovering That It S Not Just A Matter Of Will It S A Matter Of How By Helping People Identify The Languages Of Apology, This Book Clears The ✓ The Five Languages of Apology: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships Í Download by è Gary Chapman Way Toward Healing And Sustaining Vital Relationships The Authors Detail Proven Techniques For Giving And Receiving Effective ApologiesYou Ll Learn The Five Languages Of Apology Expressing Regret Accepting Responsibility Making Restitution Genuinely Repenting Requesting Forgiveness

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