I ve read a few of Gary Chapman s books, and I even own a couple of them This one was written especially for men and the little interview with the author at the end, even mentions he tried to give it a manly cover As with most books of this nature, I feel I have to sift through what is given.
what is pertinent to me, what isn t This book was no different Some of this was useful, some of it wasn t I like his emphasis on strengthening relationships Everyone has the ability to improve any relationship, but bottom line, they have to be willing to put the other person first Sometimes this means reaching out of your comfy little box He illustrates his 5 major points well and gives helpful ideas for application.
This should replace Algebra in every middle school curriculum in the world How to appropriately show love to the people you care about might be the single most important concept a human can understand and yet it wasn t until I read this book that I was able to get my head around gifting, touch, and affirmation Thank you Gary Chapman I am going to be thinking of the 5 love languages from now until I die hopefully surrounded by people I love and that know that I love them.
I am not a reader of self help books, but this book came recommended to me as a text that is helpful in the areas of communication with a lover or a spouse and can have a drastic impact in many areas of my relationships.
While I think that this book says many valuable things, there are also some places that I think that this book is complete nonsense and totally misses the mark.
First, trying to figure out what you best respond to and what your spouse or lover best responds to is definitely an important aspect of any relationship Further, define what you want and understand what they want is really important, otherwise your efforts are wasted, and your concept of what you think is compatible is just based on some metric that you have devised rather than truth There is a quiz to figure out what you are Then y This is one of those books that while you are reading it you think to yourself well of course and I knew that Yet at the same time realizing that you ve never really considering the ideas that Chapman presents about the way two people express and importantly receive love from one another.
I pretty quickly discovered that my primary love language is definitely Words of Affirmation Most men, and Chapman points this out often, assume they operate from the Physical Touch language but that is usually not the case But what I enjoyed than figure out my primary language was that it also allowed me to appreciate when the other languages are expressed to me that I would have otherwise not noticed.
I think every one should read this or the original though I didn t think this edition was too focused on the male perspective but especially those that are engaged The contents is actually quite yes I actually know this when you read it, but in reality, you never think about it, and it does matter I needed to read this to get over past issues, and prevent future ones, it helped a little with understanding some things.
The book focuses on treating your loved one wife in this edition as she would want to be treated The author keeps the focus on the reader to do the right thing and to do it with kindness, love and respect This approach was refreshing and resonated with me on many levels This edition was written for men but is broadly applicable in its themes Recommended for all and especially for those who wish to align their heart s desire with clarity and understanding.
Men Gary Chapman Addresses Men Specifically In This New Edition Of The Multi Million Seller, The Five Love Languages You Can Understand Your Wife Dr Gary Chapman Tackles The Tough Relationship Issues Men Face How To Express Your Feelings To Your Wife, How To Interpret Her Responses, How To Make Sex Meaningful And Pleasurable For You And Your Wife In This Special Edition Designed Specifically For Men At The End Of Each Chapter Are Ten Ideas For Expressing That Particular Love Language To The Woman In Your µ The Five Love Languages » Download by Ë Gary Chapman Life Do You Think Her Love Language Is Gifts Take The Quiz And Find Out, Then Use The Practical Tips And Tell Her How Much You Love Her ✓ The Five Love Languages ê Let me just say one thing about this book It claims itself to be a special edition for men Well, I don t know what type of man this author is used to maybe one that doesn t like to keep any dormant mushy side from being exposed to the world , but just because this book has a brown cover doesn t make it very manly I don t have many other books in my library that have big hearts with arrows through them on the cover Every, and I mean EVERY, new chapter has the same big sweetie pie picture on the left hand page opposite the text on the right This was a real double whammy for me since I had to use one arm to cover up the sappy picture and the other hand to cover up whatever embarassing words made up the title of the new chapter of this fine work Let s just say that this book didn t make mee feel my manliest as I read it on the train each day I m not sure that I was able to hide the subjec I would give the philosophy behind the book series a 5 the book itself a 4, landing it at a 4.
5 Putting a measurable reason behind discrepancies in how couples communicate affection is outstanding Finally being able to know how to best show my wife that I love her is only going to strengthen our marriage.
I will say that the the author s phraseology is geared toward someone with no prior knowledge of psychology, which is good and bad Since I know a little bit, it did make this book a little harder to read, but I would still recommend it to anyone I imagine you can help people speaking simply than not, since even seasoned readers on this type of subject will be able to digest it while others wouldn t have a chance otherwise Definitely a great book Ok so here is the thing Gary Chapman has an amazing concept with much info on loving one another I bought this books after reading his original thinking it would have male tailored advice.
I was wrong This book is literally just a copy on his original with about 20 pgs in it tht outline ideas for how men can do things for their wives The other like 170 pgs are EXACTLY WORD FOR WORD the same as his original So learn from my mistake, if you have read the original don t waste the money on this copy If you haven t read his book, and are a man, buy this copy because you ll get the original plus some Enjoy

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