E ARC from Edelweiss PlusSwift lives near the mountains with his pack father, mother, and several siblings, including Warm, the smallest and most fragile They hunt, snuggle in their den, and hunt small animals When the pack is attacked by another pack, Swift is badly injured and separated from his family He barely survives, and travels to try to locate his loved ones His only companion is a raven, with whom he shares some food This gives him comfort, but a wolf alone is not a happy one At one point, he sees a female wolf, but she is on the far side of the black river a highway , and he chases her off so she doesn t get hit by a car Swift lives on bugs and small rodents, not the quality of food a wolf would expect, while he is healing, and hopes to be able to join a pack of bachelor wolves, but has no luck At one A fictionalized version of the famous wolf, known as OR7, who wanders 1,000 miles See also the book Journey by Emma Bland Smith Nobody knows why Swift OR7 headed south, but Parry posits that he was chased away by a rival pack of wolves Swift is the fastest of all his siblings and dreams of leading the pack someday, like his father He battles predators human and animals , highways, forest fires, hunger and thirst as he seeks lupine companionship and a suitable habitat He suffers in his long trek, and is badly injured by an elk, but eventually finds happiness in a national forest in Oregon The bonus material at the end in the hardcover version was informative.
Wolf Star, Brightest Of All In The Summer Sky, Shines Over My Home Ground I Know Every Hidden Lake And Rocky Ridge, But If My Pack Is Not In The Mountains, Then It Is No Home To Me I Feel A Howl Deep Inside, But Dare Not Let It OutSwift Lives With His Pack In The Mountains, Until One Day His Home And Family Are Lost Alone And Starving, Swift Must Make A Choice Stay And Try To Eke Out A Desperate Life On The Borders Of [Rosanne Parry] ✓ A Wolf Called Wander [womens-rights PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í His Old Hunting Grounds, Or Strike Out And Find A New Place To Call Home The Journey Swift Must Go On Is Long And Full Of Peril For A Lone Wolf, And He Ll Need To Take Every Chance He Can Will He Find The Courage To Survive All By Himself Inspired By A True Story, A Wolf Called Wander Is About Family, Courage And Survival With Beautiful Illustrations From Artist M Nica Armi O And An Extra Factual Section About Wolves And Their Environment, This Book Is Perfect For Animal Lovers A huge thank you to Edelweiss and Andersen for a chance to review this book ahead of its release date In this heartfelt and stunning story, we find ourselves seeing life through the eyes of a wolf named Swift Even as a pup, Swift was as determined as ever to find a place within his pack Until one day, their pack is attacked by outsides and displaced Swift finds himself alone Without the proper tools to survive, he eats small rodents and insects to stay alive After he s injured, Swift is visited by a raven who helps him along his journey to find food, water, and even other wolves Coming face to face with adversaries big and small, Swift travels through the land to find where he belongs This book is equal parts heartbreaking and equal parts beautiful in so many ways Not ☆ A Wolf Called Wander ☆ I didn t know what to expect with this one, but what I got was an amazing survival story that is full of heart Swift, a young wolf, is separated from his pack and must survive on his own He ends up on a journey where he learns to survive and live on his own, but he never gives up on finding his own family The book does not shy away from animal instinct and survival some blood and gore described especially in the hunting for food parts , but is very respectful about the circle of life With a writing style that was reminiscent of Katherine Applegate s The One and Only Ivan, not a word was wasted in this first person narrative told by the wolf.
I am very much looking forward to holding a finished copy so I can see the backmatter it was not in the published ARC This story is based on an actual wolf s journey and I m interested in reading about the parallel s of the Born into the darkness of his den, the wolf pup Swift first understands the world through smell One of five cubs, he is named for his eagerness to explore, and the swiftness of his development and movement Soon initiated into the life of the pack, he comes to love everything about his home in the mountains But when his family is attacked and scattered by a rival pack of wolves intent on securing the mountain for their own, Swift finds himself embarking on an epic journey, and struggling to survive as he moves from place to place in search of a new home and a new family But will this wandering wolf ever find what he seeks Beautifully written, with moments of both humor and pathos, A Wolf Called Wander was inspired by the story of a real wolf OR 7 who lived in Oregon s Wallowa Mountains and was tagged by Great story If you love animals and nature you would love this book Reminded me a lot of White Fang but better A Wolf Called Wander and White Fang are both about a wolf being lost from it s original pack and has to survive and protect itself from wild nature and predators It also reminded me of the book Hatchet because of the children s survival genre I loved how Wander made allies with a raven and how the wolf respects it s kills and shares it with other animals I really liked how this story was based off a real story of how we traced a wolf s journey and observed it s behavior.
Parry has written a book that will appeal to animal and nature lovers Based on the true story of a wolf named OR 7, who really traveled over 1000 miles a tracker was used to document this , the story is told from Wander s point of view and in Wander s voice This makes for a lot of inferring as Wander describes situations without the names of objects as we would use guns, trucks, horses These descriptions really put the reader in Wander s mind, thinking like a wolf might think exploring this part of the country Heartbreaking in parts, full of action, many points with tenderness and hope The art by Monica Armino is stunning and I appreciated so much of it There is extensive back matter at the end that I might read to children before reading the book to add to their background knowledge This could make a great read aloud with so many discussion opportunities.

NOW AVAILABLE this is such a good middle grade animal book based on the real world wolf OR 7 aka journey , A Wolf Called Wander tells the story of a wolf cub separated from his pack and his struggles to stay alive in a confusing world full of the dangers and difficulties that face a wolf too young to have learned how to survive on his own to know what to eat, what to avoid eating, where to seek help, and when to be cautious it s a fairly realistic depiction of nature it doesn t disney sugarcoat its animals into being all bestie pals or anything some are definitely food and some are definitely competing fiercely for resources, but it ll pan away before it rips your kids hearts out make no mistake, there are plenty of sad things that happen in this book, but it doesn t twist the knives much.
the animals do talk, because, ya know, exposition, but they c I loved this little book based on the real wolf OR 7 Of course the author had to add in a bit about hunters which I despise I wanted to be a poacher hunter when I was little until I realized I couldn t do that Seems effed up that dicks can get away with killing our protected species though Don t even comment CRAP on my review either or you will be deleted and blocked I m a wildlife activist and have no time for idiot excuses about wildlife ANYHOO I loved this little book and may OR 7 s family generations live forever Some of their pups OR 7 Mel

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