Warning Do not read if you didn t read Shatter Me and don t want to be spoiled lol I m not quite sure if an additional short story to a series can really spoil you, but I thought I might warn you just in case PBut then again the only people who will read this will be people who loved the series so umm We re good lol Anywayyyyyyy First of all I already liked Warner in Shatter me and to read his POV in Destroy Me only caused me to love him even XDI L.
E Warner and I want to hug him and heal his broken heart Gosh That poor boy That lovely ruined and lonely little thing To read what he thinks, what he feels and to know that Juliette s written words and actions destroyed him It was just too much to bear TTI hated to read how much he struggled and how broken he truly is and I really really really hope that Juliette will give him a chance to win her heart His love for her is so inten Re read 13 02 2018I love Warner so much , I ve possibly already mentioned in my old review down here, but I ll say it again This book is so necessary if you re reading the Shatter Me trilogy, I think that will give you a new perspective of Warner and his personal story, you can t miss this one, of course it s a 5 5 Stars for me, alwaysoriginal Review 26 06 2016 I almost forget that she still hates me, despite how hard I ve fallen for her.
And I ve fallen.
So hard.
I ve hit the ground Oh Warner I m officially in love with this character This has been, Hard, Raw and Real So many feelings I think this novella is one of the best I ve read This well thought out and recited, so that you can see the soul of the character, it s like, breaks his armor and we see Warner for what he really is, how he has arrived where it is and why.
This rea For The Fans Of Shatter Me Who Are Desperately Awaiting The Release Of Unravel Me, This Novella Length Digital original Will Bridge The Gap Between These Two Novels From The Perspective Of The Villain We All Love To Hate, Warner, The Ruthless Leader Of Sector In Tahereh Mafi S Shatter Me, Juliette Escaped From The Reestablishment By Seducing Warner And Then Putting A Bullet In His Shoulder But As She Ll Learn In Destroy Me, Warner Is Not That Easy To Get Rid OfBack At The Base And » read ô Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi ☆ Recovering From His Near Fatal Wound, Warner Must Do Everything In His Power To Keep His Soldiers In Check And Suppress Any Mention Of A Rebellion In The Sector Still As Obsessed With Juliette As Ever, His First Priority Is To Find Her, Bring Her Back, And Dispose Of Adam And Kenji, The Two Traitors Who Helped Her Escape But When Warner S Father, The Supreme Commander Of The Reestablishment, Arrives To Correct His Son S Mistakes, It S Clear That He Has Much Different Plans For Juliette Plans Warner Simply Cannot AllowSet After Shatter Me And Before Its Forthcoming Sequel, Unravel Me, Destroy Me Is A Novella Told From The Perspective Of Warner, The Ruthless Leader Of Sector from the perspective of the villain we all love to hate, Warner.
But I don t hate Warner I looove him I didn t thought I could possibly love Warner but I was wrong My God,he is such a sweetheart That scene with the dog killed me I recently saw Equilibrium and something similar happened over there I don t usually rate novellas short stories but in this case I will make an exception Full review to come.
I honestly i thought i was with Adam all the way But reading this has completely changed my perspective on everything, i am so TORN I cannot wait to read unravel me now.
Also the new perspective was refreshing an allowed insight on what was happened I almost cried twice when i found out various truths while reading this.
English Espa ol In Shatter Me Juliette seduced and then wounded Warner with his own weapon to escape and help Adam, but Warner is still obsessed with her.
For people who do not like spoilers, I suggest to leave this supplementary book to the end because it gives way too much information It is written from Warner s point of view and for me it is as wonderful as I thought En Shatter Me Juliette sedujo y luego hiri con su propia arma a Warner para escapar y ayudar a Adam, pero Warner aun esta obsesionado con ella Para las personas a las que no les gustan los spoilers les sugiero que dejen este libro complementario para el final porque da demasiada informaci n Esta escrito desde el punto de vista de Warner y para mi es tan maravilloso como pensaba.
½ Destroy Me ↠´ This is actually so so important to the series And I m mAD I should ve read it years ago But I always feel like novella are oh you can read it or not it doesn t matter but this one is a YOU GOTTA read IT AND UNDERSTAND WARNER So I hereby say I think Shatter Me should ve been dual narrated between Warner and Juliette heh It would ve made him seem like slightly a less creepy controlling sadistic cauliflower patch.
Although tbh his obsession with Juliette is still creepy When a girl says no, guess what SHE MEANS NO Go sit down Warner.
But I do feel sorry for him and he is scared and reminds me a little of Cardan from The Cruel Prince and ajfdklasd that he tries to protect things like smol children and then feeds lost dogs pastries and justa novella of quality content tbh I just think the disconnect between Warner s inner self vs what he presents to the world needed to be better crafted It m

UPDATE FUCKINGAWESOME UPDATE BOOK TRAILER and an excerpt of this book Lets just say, I died after watching the trailer Like.
seriouslyMy reaction OMG OMG OMG DYYIINNG, DYYYYIIINNGEEEE AAAHH OMG Warner is good, not great, and love when the soldiers and all are there It just looks so real I want the freaking movie Me right now Oh Lord I think I am in Heaven.
My mind is still processing what I have just read.
After reading this book, all I could think was, Hell yeah Team Adam bitches, Warner is gonna blow you awaayy with this shit Its like, I can t even write what I am feeling right now So many emotions at once All jumbled up AAHH I was always Team Warner, from the beginning of Shatter Me , and I was expecting so much from this book And I am so happy right now Tahereh Mafi just proved how much amazing is she The way she wrote Warner s POV, I can t even crys well not literally but still Update 06 19 15 Tahereh Mafi has just announced that Shatter Me is going to be a tv show OHMYGOD I have so many feels We are finally going to see a physical manifestation of Warner WHY ISN T EVERYONE ELSE FREAKING OUT It would be a huge mistake if they don t cast Hunter Parrish because he looks perfect as Warner SHE WILL CHOOSE ME October 16, 2012 I watched Tahereh Mafi s video of this saying that Destroy Me is written EXCLUSIVELY from Warner s point of view Tahereh Mafi, you ve already shattered me with your first book, and now you re destroying me in a very good way as well Update 6 25 12 The publication date was moved to October 2nd Oh yeah AFTER READING I don t know why it took me so long to read this, but omg TEAM WARNER If Juliette ends up wi 3.
5 stars Possibly, the reason why I am not loving this as much as everyone else even though I still enjoyed it is because I ve finished the Shatter Me trilogy weeks ago and only now decided to pick this 1.
5 novella up.
It may not have been the most intelligent thing to do, but, in my defence, novellas are not my favorite types of reads and I prefer to leave them be, so they don t risk ruining characters or some scenes for me Like it happened somehow with Roar and Liv This was good though Not perfect, but good enough.
I just couldn t stay away After finishing book 3, I needed.
I needed Warner Warner Warner See, this author is wearing off on me wink wink And Warner is what I got.
But also a lot of Juliette Which I did not want Of course, I was ready to hear him explicitly tell us about how much he misses her and wants to find her again, but not to actually read bits of

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