If you enjoy social commentary presented in a humorous way or if you like author Larry Wil, I feel it s safe to say you would enjoy this book.
I might have rated it four stars if it was a book I owned and could pick up at my leisure to read a chapter scenario one or two at a time However, I borrowed mine from the library and found that sitting through it in one or two single reads found my attention wandering after a while.
It s interesting that the library shelves this book in the 305s social science not the 817 humor as I feel it is a work of comedy social satire than a documentary The chapters on black Jesus and angry black churches were the funniest The most wildly humorous section was the mock letter writing campaign to the NAACP to change the term African American to chocolate A friend laughed when I told him about this D will be the first to correct you if you call him black instead of African American So remember these are Larry Wil s black thoughts and do not represent everyone s views You will not be disappointed if you take it as a work of comedy yet the chapter on the Shetland Negro on TV was not funny I really liked this book and encourage you to read it.
Wil s my favorite part of The Daily Show right now He s replaced Lewis Black as the moment of comedy that s going to make my week The best pieces in here have the tone of his Daily Show pieces notably, Give Us the Superdome, But I ultimately found the book disappointing There were some solid moments and a few really funny jokes, but a lot of it fell flat Many of the pieces, especially the ones written as transcripts of his supposed radio show, felt like they were actually routines meant for another medium, generally audio Also, the pieces felt too light, too brief I know, awful, and such small portions but I felt that if there were some longer pieces or full on essays, if he d carried some of the jokes out further, I d have found it funnier Also, I wanted random black thoughts There are only 4 in the book, eac Larry Wil is currently the senior black correspondent to The Daily Show He has written for The Office, The Bernie Mac Show and a bunch of other things I haven t watched except for clips here and there I read his book, I d Rather We Got Casinos because it was offered at a recent Bookcrossing meeting and I liked the title.
The book contains a collection of his Black Thoughts essays They discuss important things race, discrimination, profiling etc and silly things why UFOs are only interested in whites with the same semi serious semi comedic tone Put together these essays form a mosaic of what it s like to be black in the United States.
My only complaint is that some of the essays are repetitive The same jokes and The Host Of Comedy Central S Newest Program, The Nightly Show With Larry Wil, Comes The First Paperback Reprint Of His Funny And Provocative Musings On Race In America And Other Nightly Topics Updated With New Material For This Edition Now Boasting Three New Chapters And An Introduction Exclusive The Trade Paperback Edition, I D Rather We Got Casinos And Other Black Thoughts By Larry Wil Gives Wil S On [Larry Wilmore] µ I'd Rather We Got Casinos: And Other Black Thoughts [amish-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download æ Screen Character Of The Same Name A Place To Voice His Opinions On Controversial Topics In A Way That Anyone Can Find Amusing And Eye Opening Exploring Various Literary Forms Such As Op Ed Pieces, Epistolary Entries, Graduation Speeches, And Long Lost Transcripts, The Result Is A Collection That The Expanded Audience From His Successful Comedy Central Program Will Enjoy, Including Why Black Weathermen Make Him Feel Happy Or Sad Why Brothas Don T See UFOs Letters To The NAACP And , Including His Frustration With Black History Month After All, Can Twenty Eight Days Of Trivia Really Make Up For Centuries Of Oppression

One of the better books by a comedian out there His repeated letters to the N.
P asking them to encourage the adoption of Chocolate in lieu of African American or Black are hilarious Everybody loves chocolate and you don t even have to change your initials As in, Are you in favor of Black History MonthHell no Twenty eight days of trivia to make up for centuries of oppression I d rather we got casinos.
Irreverent about stuff good people don t tend to be community leaders , the funeral for the n word, Jesus race, Katrina, Letter from Birmingham Jail, The Man His patter is sometimes pleasurably baroque A pudgy patron of society would suffer an indignity and cry out, This is unmitigated gall Unmitigated gall, I tell youthe level of anger in a black church should be roughly equal to the level of anger in the brother attending said church You ll appreciate the attention to detail in the Afrocentric stained glass windows as black Jesus, black Mary, and the black Apostles make even hard brothers nervous with their never happy Ice Cube like glares THE SIMPSONS Not r Å I'd Rather We Got Casinos: And Other Black Thoughts å originally published in 2009 while Wil served as the senior black correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Wil s essays and insights into contemporary black issues are witty and poignant Essay topics include commentaries on the search for Black Jesus, why UFO sightings aren t reported by black people, Wil s texts from a Birmingham jail a nod to MLK, Jr , why it is acceptable to hate someone because of their profession, and Wil s letters to the NAACP advocating that chocolate replace African American as the preferred black nomenclature This collection of Wil s deepest thoughts and criticisms, while exaggerated, offer a valuable social commentary on the experience and plight of the black community.
The title of the book is a not so subtle reference to Native American culture and their stake in the You always hear people say racism is still a major part of everyday life Most people accept this premise without investigating it further Mainly because they agree with it, and secondly, they don t want to challenge it for fear of seeming like the racist in question They also feel there s nothing they can do about it It s racism, you can t change it My problem with this statement is that it is too general By using words like racism or racists , it keeps the notion distant and out there It feels like a problem to be contemplated and discussed like a philosophical construct instead of a problem that could use some concrete solution like a backed up sink.
Larry Wil is a superb television personality, television writer, and comedian When an individual is this skilled, they re often approached to write a book showcasing their many talents Often, these books are very funny, insightful, and well written Unfortunately, Wil s is not one of them which truly is a shame It battles itself, unsure of which genre it wants to be in Social science for the first quarter, humor for the second, memoir for the third, and just simply confusing for the final Because it tries to blur genre conventions, it gets lost in a satire of all of them, which is especially confusing if you understand Wil s television career While TDS was based on satire, TNS is focused on raw humor This book tried to do both, which makes sense

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