If you want the real story you have to go to the source Mick Wall This guy was in Guns N Roses inner circle He knew them personally They trusted him, up to a point When I was a kid listening to get in the ring Axl calls him out on that song I had no idea who mick Wall was at the time He was the front line reporter for the rock n roll revolution back in the day You will get a full on, detailed account of the band s beginning up to their not in this lifetime tour Wall does a great job of covering the details of the band and their management through the years I have read slash s and Duff s autobiographies and this book lines up with their first hand accounts.
Any fan of the band should read this book.
I struggled through this one It felt like there was so much repetition, and with so many quotes and narratives I often struggled to keep track of who was currently being quoted I d often find myself having to glance back to see who was currently speaking when half way through the quote I d realise I d no idea who or what was currently being spoken about.
There were also sections of the history that I felt was skipped over, such as the recording and release of The Spaghetti Incident which was barely covered I was also disappointed in the lack of coverage of the story behind the name of The Spaghetti Incident, and could have been said regarding the controversy of including a Charles Manson song The coverage of the release of the live album was also skimmed over I guess there just wasn t that much reference material for these parts.
Other sec So I m a GNR fan, some would even say a GNR apologist, so of course i m going to read this and there was some interesting insight into the earlier years, the AOD years but I cannot excuse the myriad of typos and just flat out sloppy journalism and reporting for example Duff s name switched from McKagan to McKagen numerous times throughout the book When you are saying GNR covered an AC DC song please make sure it s an actual AC DC song And in my opinion, the most egregious, saying that the band went to Disneyland s Magic Mountain in Los Angeles is just ugh Facepalm city.
Good for early info, bad for editing.
It s a good, but uneven, GNR bio I wish that it covered the origins of each song better The whole process of writing each album is covered in just a few paragraphs It does cover a lot of the business aspects of the band, and how important the band managers were in their success I got a real sense of seedy, debauched L.
A in the 80 s, and how important that scene was to the origins of the band I got a good sense of Axl s personality and issues, and how underrated and important Izzy was, but didn t get much sense of Slash s personality or issues aside from drug addiction.
Overall, I would say this book focuses a lot on the business side of things, tours, and the drama and conflicts, but doesn t cover the music or musicianship as much as I would have liked The music is what interests people in a band, so I think band bio s should have a strong focus on the music.
The á Last of the Giants â 3.
5 stars, at the most Nowhere near as enjoyable as Slash s book, but then again, Slash isn t just my favourite in the group, he s my favourite rock star in ALL groups Axl still annoyed the hell out of me in this read, he s beyond frustrating to read about, though I can understand aspects of his personality because I see it to a lesser extent in someone I know who has asperghers, making me wonder whether Axl has it too Therefore, I can understand how much harder things would ve been for him, it s just unfortunate the other members had to suffer for it.
As for the writer of this book, he has a massive wealth of knowledge, though at times the writing dragged on and was bogged down with too much detail, plus I couldn t give two craps about the people who filled the originals roles To me, Guns N Roses is the original line up Slash Notice how I put him first For me, he s t

Could ve done without the final third which gets too bogged down what the various members were up to in the late nineties and most of the noughties.
Aside from that though this is a thoroughly entertaining book, with much less reliance on stories about rock star extravagance than Motley Crue s The Dirt for instance.
Based on various magazine and video interviews, books and online sources, this book is the history from the beginning to now of what is considered to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time and, The Last of the Giants, Guns N Roses.
I liked this book and would recommend it if you are into GNR My interest grew with each chapter The first several chapters were quite fast paced with shocking storylines that didn t have enough time to sink in Some controversial topics seemed to be glorified as a rock n roll lifestyle including the alleged rape of an underage girl which I wasn t a fan ofThe writing jumped between accounts from different sources so was a little hard to follow at times, but that also may be due to the fact that I read before bed and my attention isn t always at 100%.
All of the band members, despite their various addictions and downfalls over the years were port A mediocre book about Guns N Roses Such a pain in the ass trying to finish this book I personally prefer The Dirt by Motley Crue rather than this so called band biography.
Awesome as everything concerning gnr I can get my hands on A couple of cool stories that didn t make it to slashes, duffs, Stevens and axls bios I ve read them all There s one other thing I would love but I know 99% it wont happen is to read Izzies take on the whole thing.
next from rock bios for me will be motley crues the dirt Can t wait Millions Of Words Have Already Been Written About Guns N Roses, The Old Line Up, The New Line Up But None Of Them Have Ever Really Gotten To The Truth Which Is This Guns N Roses Has Always Been A Band Out Of Time, The Last of the Giants They Are What Every Rock Band Since The Rolling Stones Has Tried And Nearly Always Failed To Be Dangerous At A Time When Smiling, MTV Friendly, Safe Sex, Just Say No Bon Jovi [ Pdf Last of the Giants Î harlequin-medical-romance PDF ] by Mick Wall Ç Was The Biggest Band In The World, Here Was A Band That Seemed To Have Leapt Straight Out Of The Coke Smothered Pages Of The original, Golden Age, Late Sixties Rock Scene Live Like A Suicide , The Band Used To Say When They All Lived Together In The Hell House, Their Notorious LA Home And This Is Where Mick Wall First Met Them, And Became Part Of Their Inner Circle, Before Famously Being Denounced By Name By Axl Rose In The Song Get In The RingBut This Book Isn T About Settling Old Scores Written With The Clear Head That Years Later Brings You, This Is A Celebration Of Guns N Roses The Band, And Of Axl Rose The Frontman Who Really Is That Thing We So Desperately Want Him To Be The Last Of The Truly Extraordinary, All Time Great, No Apologies, No Explanations, No Giving A Shit Rock Stars The Last Of His Kind

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