Recently, Ted Bernal Guevara posted in his Facebook James Dean loved to laugh, always made use of the moment as lively as possible, or else This maybe But the author seemed to forget the waning in his novel, Lips of a Mastodon Though, the writing is good, and the plot seems to be in order, his profile of the actor is soaked in booze and experimental drug use Happiness in the moment does not exist Whether the escape is from the denial of Pier Angeli or from a rough youth, the actor here is certainly not a happy camper.
But there is light fun in the courtship itself Guevara went as far as placing the couple in a funny near wife swapping incident, which could only hint at that James Dean had every intention to marry Pier Angeli The book reads quickly no clear cut chapters just like the affair that occurred during the maki I found this novel to be informative and entertaining, a sympathetic depiction of James Dean, the Indiana born actor who made three major films in less than two years Most of what was written in the book had a fresh take Dean s affair with Pier Angeli, with all the vibrant, offbeat, sometime hilarious details, was new to me so it held my interest But it was a sad story of a guy trying to fit a new girl in his life, to somehow replace the tragedy of his mother s death while he was under the roof his domineering father and a neutral step mother Although things are settling in, Dean still recalls the abandonment of his father putting him in a train to go back to Indiana alone Pier Angeli, a splash in the pan star compared to Dean, seemed torn between her family and Dean and had no backbone whatsoever on whom to choose However, she is happiest when she is with Dean Her

This may be But try reading this book aloud and you can almost hear a young man telling a spruced up gut story than the one from the dust This was such a hard candy read for me that I am loss for words But here try I The narrator obviously James Dean is vocal rather than typing on a page, just a notch below a guy with a recorder and a mike The story first follows a day to day happening after Dean meets the seemingly plain Pier Angeli, then it goes all over the place after he meets the wrestler like figure of Pier s mother In most nonfiction books, she s just a pancake flat footnote, but here she s the villain in the trench coat It takes a while for her and Dean to rumble in the course of the affair, all because he is down home touchy feely to everybody I read through it easy enough It s about a guy flipping a fin I read True Feel last year and loved it so much that I wanted to experience of this still quite unknown author.
Lips of a Mastodon was a complete u turn in style and approach I m not sure if it s biography gone fiction, considering in the back of the book, Guevara admits James Dean is like a kid I went to class with which suggests to me a bond closer than fanfare or even from a biographer looking in too deep The best way I know to describe this novel is a mix of Chuck Palahniuk and Fifty Shades of Grey Don t panic, people I haven t read and don t intend to read Fifty Shades I ve heard enough about it to use it as a comparison I love the way Guevara puts words together I love the way he ties poetic lines and make them narrative I love the way he develops í Lips of a Mastodon ☆ We, my husband and I, agree with most of what is claimed under this novel, just not quite sure of how high the star rating gets True, this unknown author has potential, perhaps a smooth quality to his writing, so fluid one tends to overlook grammatical errors I found six But yes, over time they can just be part of the book s characteristic The plot is in order enough, day to day One thing I see is every time that there s crisis, the flow of the narrative also goes asunder, not just in the actions of the I person I can call him the narrator, but he seems not to want that role The rest of the characters are well rounded, but nothing out of the ordinary Some are close to being alike This book is fiction, but the author is scraping his knees over actual past He chooses that over pushing Hollywood nostalgia, which is perhaps the This book is far solid and upbeat than I had expected it to be, and can be enjoyed at many levels from plot to its nostalgic aspect I m used to highly intellectual fiction, which this has some and I thoroughly enjoyed Yet despite its exploration of the life of a tragic figure James Dean is such , it manages to be light hearted It s satirical as well so much so that it bogs down any reference to any sad outcome If anything it closely resembles the mysticism of one J.
D Salinger if I don t reach too high of a comparison The first person voice of a come what may figure on his first major break as an artist could have come off as pretentious and annoying, but instead it is calming and humorous That said, while I would recommend it to people seeking Lips of a Mastodon is the story of James Dean s brief stint with the Italian actress Pier Angeli But the book doesn t pretend to be a biography or a painfully researched item so the enigmatic fan could point at an inaccuracy and raise hell In fact the author or a disclaimer jots it down in the opening pages This is a work of fiction.
But with the cover, one of the famous photos of the couple, the book says I have this in cement, enjoy it, for it had taken place The this is a love story as it had never been told before, a little dirt, a little grungy, a little cinematic But who s complaining and who can you complain to The Fiction fairy For the better part, Guevara just tries to enhance a fact or detail of I ve really been thinking a lot about this review First off I am a fan of old Hollywood ever since I lived a very tiny tip of it in Sherman Oaks, occasionally mentioned in this novel With the actor James Dean, I m caught up with what was before my time I approached the storyline with an open mind The author here I feel is reaching at times just to woo The first couple segments were interesting to read because it had history as backing Then the writing style became a stream of consciousness, yet with a little push, which is fiction Not really disappointed The first person idea kept me upright There were a couple of other segments that I liked namely the homespun background, which was not Tinseltown.
COVER Why Does Ted Bernal Guevara Keep Putting Out These James Dean Conceptual Novels In Plain Truth, Guevara Says, He S Like A Kid James Dean I Went To Class With, Rode The Bus With And Slid Down An Awesome Snow Packed Hill With And After High School, He Goes On To Hollywood Fame And Immortality While Guevara From His Modest Bookish World Is Left To Wonder About The Iconic [ read Online Lips of a Mastodon ✓ crime PDF ] by Ted Bernal Guevara ↠´ Image, Giving It A Stark, Poignant Voice Sixty Years Later Guevara Grew Up In Marion, Indiana, Where The Actor Was Born In , Dean Met Perhaps The One Real Romance Of His Brief Life Italian Actress Pier Angeli Was Barely When Her Movie The Silver Chalice Coincided With Dean S East Of Eden At Warner Brothers She D Sneak Over To Watch Him Perform, And He Would Do The Same When They Finally Interact, Pier S Mother Disapproves Of Dean S Behavior, Attire And Not Being CatholicSome Say It Was All For The Limelight And Publicity Guevara S Gripping And Frank Story Vies Otherwise, Excavating The Actor S True Passion For The Lovely But Quaint Ms AngeliGuevara Is Also The Author Of True Feel, A Circle With Two Corners, And Days Of Slint, The First James Dean Conceptual Novel One thing I like about Ted Bernal Guevara s approach to his novel is that he gives equal distribution about the two actors on the amazing cover Anna Maria is not an American actress but an Italian gem working for the first time in the states, and the author is very much aware of that All the sentiments are there, and with the James Dean persona, the handling and the caring about the difference in traditions are evident They are like apples and oranges when it comes to tradition Although Mr Dean had none, he unawarely puts Anna softly in his palms.
Because of this, it is a terrific book One that I can see becoming popular here in Italy and with Italians all over the world I truly like it.

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