Man, this was a hate read I am not sure why I finished this spite maybe, and hating on something this bad is too easy, and so many others have done so much better than I could Like, if you want to go live on a hobby farm power to you If you want to live solely for that future goal, and burn all current life events on the altar of frugality, again, power to you But the idea that this represents an achievable goal for other people is just laughable a To be fair, Thames is quick to point out that it s not just good decision making that led to their financial situation, it is also the privilege of coming from stable family backgrounds She vastly undersells this Thames admits her parents paid for her college tuition That s not coming from a stable family background that s coming from a wealthy family background in which one begins Before reading this book, understand that you are going to be reading a memoir, not a step by step guide to frugality Also, this book will challenge your notions about what it means to live reasonably, and comfortably Personally, I loved the whole thing, and will probably will start looking at my own consumeristic tendencies, because even if I never get to the author s level, adding a bit of frugality to my life will not hurt Some people have criticized this book for using a literary voice for what looks like a manual on money saving It is not a manual It is kinda like a Walden for the modern era, so it is okay if it sounds literary I hope some day this will sit next to Thoreau s masterpiece, as people learn about the great second romantic period of American literature, and compare and contrast it Other people Deeply Personal Story Of How Award Winning Personal Finance Blogger Elizabeth Willard Thames Abandoned A Successful Career In The City And Embraced Frugality To Create A Meaningful, Purpose Driven Life, And Retire To A Homestead In The Vermont Woods At Age Thirty Two With Her Husband And DaughterIn , Elizabeth And Nate Thames Were Conventional Young Urban Professionals But The Couple Had A Dream To Become Modern Day Homesteaders In Rural Vermont Determined To Retire As Early As Possible In [ read Online Meet the Frugalwoods ☆ urban-fantasy PDF ] by Elizabeth Willard Thames ↠´ Order To Start Living Each Day As Opposed To Wishing Time Away Working For The Weekends They Enacted A Plan To Save An Enormous Amount Of Money Well Over Seventy Percent Of Their Joint Take Home Pay Dubbing Themselves The Frugalwoods, Elizabeth Began Documenting Their Unconventional Frugality And The Resulting Wholesale Lifestyle Transformation On Their Eponymous BlogIn Less Than Three Years, Elizabeth And Nate Reached Their Goal Today, They Are Financially Independent And Living Out Their Dream On A Sixty Six Acre Homestead In The Woods Of Rural Vermont With Their Young Daughter While Frugality Makes Their Lifestyle Possible, It S Also What Brings Them Peace And Genuine Happiness They Don T Stress Out About Impressing People With Their Material Possessions, Buying The Latest Gadgets, Or Keeping Up With Any Joneses In The Process, Elizabeth Discovered The Self Confidence And Liberation That Stems From Disavowing Our Culture S Promise That We Can Buy Our Way To The Good Life Elizabeth Unlocked The Freedom Of A Life No Longer Beholden To The Clarion Call To Consume Ever Products At Ever Higher SumsMeet the Frugalwoods Is The Intriguing Story Of How Elizabeth And Nate Realized That The Mainstream Path Wasn T For Them, Crafted A Lifestyle Of Sustainable Frugality, And Reached Financial Independence At Age Thirty Two While Not Everyone Wants To Live In The Woods, Or Quit Their Jobs, Many Of Us Want To Have Control Over Our Time And Money And Lead Meaningful, Simplified Lives Following Their Advice, You Too Can Live Your Best Life I have a lot of nit picky criticisms of the book It barely escapes my dreaded millennial special snowflake tag And yet, I find the Thames story extremely inspirational In fact, while listening to an interview of the author on a podcast, I came up with a scheme to change our living situation drastically hopefully for the better and save a ton of money.
So, I rolled my eyes reading her section on parenting children don t need things they just need your time easy for someone with one, quiet little girl to say sometimes any amount of money spent to keep the kids out of your hair, just for a few minutes, is well worth it Also her story drips with privilege She bends over backwards to acknowledge this But you just can t get around the fact that they couldn t achieve what Ü Meet the Frugalwoods ✓ I gave the author seven chapters nearly half of the book to get over her insufferably whiny tone It didn t happen and so unfortunately I had to put the book down When Thames isn t complaining, she is so arrogant and full of her own virtue that it s impossible to see how this book serves any purpose other than stroking her unjustifiably large ego In the portion of the book I read, there was literally not one useful piece of information related to the book s premise Rather it was just a superficially self deprecating assessment of how her perfectionism and self doubt led her to make bad decision after bad decision that ultimately seemed to work out for the best thanks to her plucky determination and her husband s unwavering patience.
Aside from the incessant whining and self They had excellent jobs, made good money, saved every cent, and wrote a book about it I have saved you three hours of reading about the world s dullest couple.
To her credit the author does start with the disclaimer that this book was written by middle class white people living in a First world country But by god I ve never met a removed from reality and preachy woman as this author For whom frugality is a bid to purchase success her limited way of saying happiness From 300 hair cuts, 40 artisan cheese, 500 per month bubbly water and 300 per month hot yoga this woman and her husband have NO CONCEPT OF FRUGALITY Its a joke reading this book angered me I actually would like to tell the author about my dad A simple man born to farmers in Fiji He studied hard enough to get a scholarship offer to study medical science in India A feat unheard of in 1970 But he didn t make it because his parents didn t have enough money to get him a passport photo for his paperwork Nothing could be cut they were surviving on bare m

I really enjoy the author s blog and have incorporated a lot of her ideas into my own life So, I was excited to read her book For some reason I thought it would be of a lifestyle book Maybe some frugal living ideas, recipes, etc The book was ok at best I felt like she came across as unintentionally preachy, without a true understanding of how the majority of our country lives She continually said that she knows how privileged she is to be able to make these choices, and then goes on to lecture about how those who can t pay for a car with cash shouldn t buy one Tell that to someone in a community lacking public transportation, who needs to get to a job to feed the family Her frequent return to her privilege felt like guilt for writing this book knowing that she absolutely had the deck stacked in her favor.
My other com This book is basically rich people who play frugal and profit off of it When you bring in 4k per month in rental income plus income from a 250k job, you are not middle class I think the message of living within your means is important, but there s a difference between people who struggle to get by and the Frugalwoods.
One of the most frustrating personal finance books I ve ever read and I generally love learning about people s approaches to money Somehow manages to be condescending, deceptive, and self congratulatory all at once They re not retired he works from their rural home and she s a part time blogger SAHM His job apparently pays him over 200,000 a year, which makes any lack of haircuts and restaurant meals pretty small changes in the scheme of things Wouldn t have bothered me so much if she didn t seem so assured that their completely puritanical approach made sense And really, who d have wanted to read the book we moved to Vermont and I wear winter coats from the garbage even though I don t have to I had to quit reading because this was makin

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