Mia Korum by Anna ZairesGenres Adult, Erotica,, Romance, Sci Fi, Suspense4.
25 StarsThe good.
Anna Zaires has created a very alluring exotic world with the Krinar The romance between Mia Korum is often thought provoking, sometimes humorous and erotic The Krinar technology astonishing For the most part the story flows easily and is well written The bad.
To much reiterating Once you describe an item or scene, there is no reason to repeat yourself continuously in a book Basically that is the only problem with these 3 books Everything else was well done and I enjoyed the stories In fact, I will continue to follow this series read from her in the future.
5 Stars Passion Betrayal Danger Love Five Years In The Future, Humans Are No Longer The Most Advanced Species Earth Is Ruled By The Krinar, A Beautiful, Mysterious Race From Another GalaxyA Shy And Inexperienced College Student, Mia Stalis Has Never Had Much Interaction With The Invaders Until One Fateful Meeting In Central Park Changes Everything Having Caught Korum S Eye, She Must Now Contend With A Powerful, Dangerously Seductive Krinar Who Will Do Anything To Possess Her Even Take Away Her FreedomFrom The Skyscrapers Of New [Anna Zaires] ☆ Mia & Korum [human-capital PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ York City To The Alien Landscapes Of Krina, Their Epic Passion Will Transform The WorldNote This Is The Complete Krinar Chronicles Trilogy, Containing Close Liaisons, Close Obsession, And Close Remembrance Full Length Novels With A Combined Total Of , Words Audiobook Narrator Robert ScarlatoMr Scarlato does an excellent performance of not only the main characters, but the secondary as well Mia and Korum have very distinctive voices and I never struggled understanding him or enjoying his narration I sometimes struggle with a male narrator doing a female voice, but not so in this case I would gladly listen to anything he narrated I ve had this series on my TBR forever Now that I ve read listened to it, I m totally kicking myself for waiting so long to dig in.
Korum is the type of alpha hero that walks you just this side of dark and dangerous You re never really sure what his motives are However, there is never an question about his desire for Mia and the chemistry between these two absolutely sizzles acr ✓ Mia & Korum × OH MY ALIEN I WANT THIS TO BE REAL Oh, so bad This was so good Just wow Wow wow wow wow This was like too too good Annoyingly good GREAT Like DAMN THAT WAS GOOD Mia and Korum s story was brilliant This was the first alien romance book I ve read trilogy It went above and beyond my expectations I always loved Anna Zaire s writing, but this was the first I read from Dima Zales Let me just say they make me want to read from them I will definitely read from them Especially since there s in the Krinar series by these two brilliant authors I WANT MORE smashes fists on table like a baby Like I can t even get into every single thought I have right now because my mind just can t settle for one thought I m blown away There are very few books that get me this happy and passionate This is definitely one of them I really didn t want this to end I m so sad 4 I Wanna Be A Krinar StarsAudiobook Version with 3 Different NarratorsI felt like Goldilocks with the trilogy having 3 separate narrators 1 was too strong, 3 was too soft, and 2 was JUST right I was sorry to see she had been replaced Overall, I m rating this with 4 Stars because I was completely caught up in the story Indeed, I devoted most of three days to listening intently whenever I could That said, I had so many issues with Mia, who was not only so tiny she was the size of a house mouse and so unattractive to me she was ab so lutely TSTL She asked so many questions, if I were Korum I would have told her to shut the fuck up and shuttled her back to you NYC Questions like Why me What could you want with little ole me And yet, the really important ones she only fretted over endlessly in her head The resistance says blah blah, is it true If we re together, wha 4 5 I really love Anna Zaires H s they are alpha, possessive, protective, loving, and sexy They learn through the story arc to soften for a better relationship with the h This is my second trilogy by Ms Zaires and I loved her story arc, development and relationship building Interesting take on alien invasion of earth.
p 15 Just got to the part explaining that people are only allowed vegetarianism now Still not sure why the Ks get to make all the decisions for the world, but maybe it s cause they are hot and hot controlling guys are totes worth it Anyway, less clobbering over the head with environmentalism, pls.
chokengtitiktitikchokeng 23 wow I don t know if I m going to be able to finish this You abduct someone off the street because a scrape of the hand might scar and it s raining, and then have the nerve to be exasperated that someone is freaked out and jumpy That would be ridiculous even if you weren t an alien Korum better be like fresh off the boat or exceedingly emotionally dense.
P 41 okay I m done Picked this up after a month or two and got to the part where instead of responding to Korum s demand for a date like a rational person she decides on

This was one of the first alien type stories I ve ever read and Anna has spoiled me for other paranormal books of this type Like No alien so far has ever been able to compare to Korum Lol.
I mean, the only books I ve read that were genre similar to this that were able to maybe stand beside this series was Evangeline Anderson s Brides of the Kindred book series Thank you, Anna, for introducing me to Mia and Korum They were my very first paranormal love I don t understand why this author is not known I read Twist me first and it was amazing Happy me, she wrote a trilogy about aliens Yay Soooo, you ve got 1 HOT, HOT aliens Caveman style with a strong instinct to mate when they find their other half 2 Nanotechnology who ll help humans to live eternally shoot me, just heard about it on the news When science fiction meets reality 3 A strong willed human female battling with the imposing and gorgeous alien 4 Hot, hot sex scenes I ve read Anna s hubs helps her with the writing process If he helped with the steamy scenes let me tell you she is such a very, very lucky girl 5 Action and intrigues with nefarious plans designed by a mysterious guy 6 We also see how the weaker human tamed the alien beast Girl Power 7 An alien universe with inventive technology and original fauna and flora.

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