Brilliant zombie book Came across this as a recommendation, so glad I bought it Plenty of action and characters to get your teeth into haha I love how the action starts straight away, boom and the apocalypse is up and running This ends on a cliffhanger so really can t wait to read part 2, hopefully not too long too wait Definitely recommend this book Okay, so I love zombie books, movies, and TV shows In all honesty, the idea of civilization falling at the hands of the undead fascinated me to a degree that is sometimes scary One of the things that Omega Days did that was unusual for a lot of the post apocalyptic books that I have read was to jump into the end of the world within the first few pages Can I just say, YAY Although I am a sucker for a good backstory and lead up to the end of the world, I picked up the book to read about the action of the end of days From reading several other reviews, one of the popular points of conflict between reviews was the sheer amount of subplots Yes, there were a lot of separate stories but I felt that they added to the whole story Instead of just following the survivors, it shows the other aspect This was a zombie book It was compared to The walking Dead, um NO It was a bunch of characters, all in different chapters, most of them not intersecting, A LOT of unanswered questions with a cliffhanger But I don t really care about the cliffhanger because I probably won t read book 2 I was really hoping there would be depth with the characters and this could have easily happened if the author had pared down all of the sub plots and focused on two or three I think there were no less than 7 sub plots that I can remember off the top of my head I didn t grip me, it didn t make me read page after page I took over a week to read yes, I was busy and couldn t read as much as usual.
I general LOVE zombie books, but part of that love is the distopian a Rezi Million Walking Dead Stalk The San Francisco Bay Area, With On The Way Scattered Refugees A Priest With A Bloody Past, A College Girl Turned Sniper, Escaped San Quentin Inmates And Others Will Quickly Learn The Three Most Important Rules Of Survival Make Your Bullets Count Don T Fall Behind Don Tgetbitten Fast Paced And Packed With Zombie Action, Book One Of The Omega Days Series Lights Off The Apocalypse With A Scream, And Tears California To [John L.
Campbell] ✓ Omega Days (Omega Days, #1) [fandom PDF] read Online ✓ Pieces

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha Chelle Copy gifted in exchange for an honest reviewOmega Days is the first novel of the OMEGA DAYS series by John L Cambell and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read Very much like The Walking Dead on paper, it follows the tale of several groups in the wake of the Omega Virus outbreak the utter complete Zombiepocalypse that ensues.
It was well written, and while I noticed that several reviewers didn t enjoy the different groups chronicled throughout, it felt real to me If an outbreak is pandemic, it s unrealistic to follow just a single group And as they merged, in unexpected ways, it was interesting to follow Speaking of the characters, they had depth and were relatable, and I really liked that there wasn t a set stereotype throughout The main threads were all diverse and allowed for the introduction of à Omega Days (Omega Days, #1) Ê Oh the life we will live if Zombies come a knocking or like bumping on our doors This is one of the better Zombie books that I have read and I have been reading a lot While I do not believe in spoilers, I will warn that this book is just the beginning of something bigger and I do hope for at least a second follow up as I want to know what becomes of the characters.
After you, the reader, get used to bouncing from story or person s to story and grasp what is going on the book ends Of course, I want as I really liked some of the characters I found the authors take on the undead very interesting and how the undead are not necessarily called or deemed as Zombies However, this IS a Zombie book and is not really anything original in the world of Zombies.
Yet, if you are looking for a nice little read especially if a follow up book is written this is a nice a So close to that five star mark, but for an irritating errorThe characterizations were good, the action was good, descriptions were good I particularly liked what I refer to as the No Great Loss, section, a similar section to what Stephen King had in the uncut version of The Stand A great mix of characters, from those who were somewhat prepared to those who had no idea what they were doing Lots of tragic deaths that I didn t quite expect.
The only thing that stopped this from being a five star book was because two separate characters referenced the zombies as something from a movie and zombies, yet neither knew to shoot them in the head.
Recommended for fans of the genre and post apocalyptic fiction.
John L Campbell has created the quintessential zombie series with his novel, Omega Days, and this is only the first novel in his Omega Days Series Without skipping a beat, Omega Days jumps right into the zombie apocalypse with amazing adventures and some very unique characters Campbell does an incredible job creating characters you just know you are going to love and some others you just know you are going to absolutely despise Omega Days shows that it is not just the walking dead the survivors need to be afraid of, but their fellow survivors as well The characters in this novel are not your typical apocalypse survivors Campbell has given the title of survivor to some very unlikely individuals and he makes them true heroes and makes the overall story a realistic adventure for the reader Fans of The Walking Dead, Fear Really good Got my attention fast and kept it strong, until after 1 2 way through I started waiting for of the different characters to come together The book goes back and forth from diferent people experiencing the zombies and trying to get somewhere safe Obviously it seems, they are meant to connect at some point, like many books do However, there s no connection for some of the characters until the last 2 3 chapters I just wish they had come together sooner, otherwise I started to feel like the plot wasn t going any where and each character was almost a separate story not connected to the others, other than having to deal with the zombies as well Not sure what the 2nd book will bring I am intrigued to keep reading, but I do hope the 2nd one grabs my attention early since I was dwindling slightly at end of first book.

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