ó Rocking Hard Volume 1 ó I hesitated between 2 and 3 stars, but because the last story was quite enjoyable, I settled for 3 There are some stories in this anthology that didn t offer much to me usually, there was almost no conflict at all in the story, or something so minor a misunderstanding, as usual that it was solved in a couple of pages at most Also, the collection really needed an editor of course, it depends on the author some were quite well written If you want to read some fluffy stories about hot musicians one f f, otherwise m m , I guess you could try this, but don t expect too much.
Than Three Press Presents The First Of Three Volumes Of Amazing Stories Along The Theme Of Rock N Roll Authors Familiar And New Combine For A Collection Of Stories All About Music And LoveCENTRIFICAL By Sol CrafterMarty Sheer, One Of The Stars Of A B Rated Sci Fi Show Centrifical, Receives A Phone Call Letting Him Know That His Old Friend Jim Sheppard, Who Left Years Ago And Has Since Become An Acclaimed Rock Star, Has Bought A New Home Close By Renewing Their Ò read à Rocking Hard Volume 1 by Samantha M.
Derr ↠´ Friendships Is Easy Becoming Something Is A Challenge That Makes Fame Look EasyINGE BENEFITS By Diana SheridanDepressed After The Death Of His Lover, And Having Lost His Job At The Same Time, Dale Distracts Himself By Going To See One His Favorite Rockers But A Simple Concert And Trip Backstage Lands Him An Unexpected Job As Her New Assistant, And Brings Him Into The Path Of Her Intriguing, Appealing Make Up Artist And Hair Dresser, Luis But If There S One Thing That Dale Has Learned, It S That Life Is Never Easy And Love Doesn T Always LastURAGE WOLF NEVER SINGS THE GORRUM BLUES By Talya AndorBailey Kravitz, Lead Singer Of Courage Wolf, Is A High Strung, Perfectionist Diva Of A Front Man Gunner Lansing, Bassist Of Courage Wolf, Is A Laid Back, Hang Loose Ladies Man Who Is Only Serious About Guitars And Sex They Say Opposites Attract, But Bailey S Terminal Crush On Oblivious Gunner Is Tearing The Band Apart But Quiet, Intense Guitarist Tor Macleod Intends To Show Him That Between Annihilation Of Everything They Ve Built Or The Crush Of Total Rejection, There S A Third Option Bailey Has Been Overlooking All This TimePUT YOU IN A SONG By Lacie J ArcherTen Months Ago, On A Whirlwind New Year S Eve, Garrett And Rich Enjoyed A Wild Night Together Back In Town For The Final Performance Of His Band S Tour, Rich Can T Wait To See Garrett Again, Unable To Forget Him But A Wild Night And A Lifetime Are Two Different Things, And The First Real Challenge They Face May Be Than Their Fragile New Relationship Can TakeA HAUNTED MELODY By Angel Propps A Decades Old Tragedy, An Old Guitar, And A Bright New Star A Struggling Musician On The Verge Of Losing Her Band, Kara Spies A Guitar In A Pawn Shop That She Can T Resist One Year Later She S On The Verge Of Fame, And Meets A Woman Who Not Only Can Help Her Get There, But Introduces Kara To An Intriguing, Beautiful Woman But Bad History Is Coming Back To Haunt, And Kara Stands To Lose Not Just Fame And Love, But Her Life Centrifical 4 starsFringe Benefits 2 starsCourage Wolf Never Sings the Gorram Blues 3 starsPut You in a Song 3 starsA Haunted Melody 2 starsOverall a weak 3 stars This is not one of my favorite LT3 anthologies I read it as they were being released in the serial and it is one of the few serial lines that I have not absolutely loved I can say I feel similarly about the stories I have read already in the upcoming volumes as well one or two lovely stories and the rest meh Unfortunately, since I did read them over such a period of time and none of them were fantastic enough or terrible enough to stick in my mind, I can t really give much reasoning here.
Pending review still to come from MM Good Book Reviews Wait for it wait for it.

I purchased this anthology just for Talya Andor s work because she s one of my favorite writers ever, and I was happily surprised to enjoy some of the other stories just as much.
I loved the very natural progression from friendship to love in Centrifical by Sol Crafter Crafter s a great writer who really showed how deep the friendship was between Marty and Jim, and made me definitely feel for Marty in his unrequited love Crafter fleshed out these characters and made them feel real, which made me care very much about what was happening to them I loved how witty the story and dialogue was and how it felt so current with TV, the Internet and fandom in general It felt as though this entire story could actually happen It was a really sweet and enjoyable romance that was beautifully written.
I also loved A Haunted Melody by Angel Propps This f f story was a mystery with a touch of the Fantastic compilation Must say, my favorite by far was Courage wolf never sings the Gorram Blues, followed by Centrifical.

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