The Acclaimed Author Of To Die For Comes A Stirring Novel Told That Sheds New Light On Elizabeth I And Her Court Sandra Byrd Has Attracted Countless Fans For Evoking The Complexity, Grandeur, And Brutality Of The Tudor Period In Her Latest Tour De Force, She Poses The Question What Happens When Serving A Queen May Cost You Your Marriage Or Your Life In , Seventeen Year Old Elin Von Snakenborg Leaves Sweden On A Treacherous Journey ↠´ read Roses have thorns by Sandra Byrd ä To England Her Fiance Has Fallen In Love With Her Sister And Her Dowry Money Has Been Gambled Away, But Ahead Of Her Lies An Adventure That Will Take Her To The Dizzying Heights Of Tudor Power Transformed Through Marriage Into Helena, The Marchioness Of Northampton, She Becomes The Highest Ranking Woman In Elizabeth S Circle But In A Court That Is Surrounded By Catholic Enemies Who Plot The Queen S Downfall, Helena Is Forced To Choose Between An Unyielding Monarch And The Husband She S Not Sure She Can Trust A Choice That Will Provoke Catastrophic ConsequencesVividly Conjuring The Years Leading Up To The Beheading Of Mary Queen Of Scots, Roses have thorns Is A Brilliant Exploration Of Treason, Both To The Realm And To The Heart Sandra Byrd has done it again Just when I thought I couldn t become any intrigued by Tudor history she pens another stellar book that makes me want to know Each story in the Ladies in Waiting series, Roses have thorns included, has an authentic feel From clothing, to court life, to dialogue you can t help become immersed in the story and feel as if you are a part of it The best thing is that not only are historical settings and figures brought to life but romance as well From the beginning we follow 17 year old Elin von Snakenborg from her home in Sweden as a young woman unsure of what her future holds to a mature, married woman with a family The perils she faces as part of Queen Elizabeth s inner circle mingle with those of her own personal life and one is always left unsure of whether or not Elin, later know I received this novel free of charge from the publisher for an honest review.
Roses have thorns is the third of the Ladies in Waiting Tudor era novels by Sandra Byrd It introduces the reader to a Swedish historical woman, Elin von Snakenberg, or as she came to be known in England, Helena, Marchioness of Northampton Through the story of Elin we come into the court of Elizabeth I where we are brought face to face with the carefully researched ups and downs and at times life and death intrigues of life for a queen who had grown up with an all too realistic fear for her own neck after her father ordered the beheading of her mother and her wary half sister took the throne Surely such a Rose would have dangerous thorns as a cousin entered her land and was said to contend for her throne Who around her could Elizabeth trust Byrd paints a sympathetic and likeable heroine from the start of Sandra Byrd s Ladies in Waiting series is a three course banquet of historical delicacies The research is rich and the scope is solid Roses have thorns, the conclusion to the series, is similar in flavor to its two predecessors but is also a well written tale in its own right.
Part of that similar flavor, if you will, made it a little difficult for me to be completely swept away by these stories I admire them and I enjoyed them, but the determination to cover so much time and so many events made the books feel like documentaries with extended anecdotes than, say, Saturday night movies Certainly interesting, but not quite as personally captivating as it might be if the reader had focused time with the characters in one place vs always being on the move from one place to the next and from one year to the next.
But that s the nature of these books and these characters there s just so much t The third and final book in the Ladies in Waiting series does not disappoint I think this one was probably my favorite of the three, although it is hard to pick I don t actually remembering hearing anything about Elin von Snakenborg, which strikes me as odd since history claims her as one of the queen s closest friends, and in rank, she was the highest ranking lady during that time, just below the queen Elin, or Helena, as she comes to be called, is an endearing character, and as I got to know her, I wanted her to succeed and.
I think what I love most about these books, and this one in particular, is that it highlights the power of friendship and the strength to be found there, especially in those of strong bonds Amazing Captivating Detailed Touching Sandra Byrd is the Jane Austen of Tudor Fiction DIt is rare to find clean Tudor fiction, let alone Christian Tudor fiction but Mrs Byrd s stories never disappoint I am always grateful for her wholesome, rich novels they are high up on my favorites list, and I already can t wait to re read them later on down the road and experience these intriguing historical treasures again Thank you Mrs Byrd, for allowing these stories to be a part of my life ↠´ Roses have thorns ↠´ 4.
5 Stars Just shy of her seventeenth birthday, Lady Elin von Snakenborg s future is in flux though she is engaged, her fiance s eye has turned toward her younger sister, jeopardizing her future just as she prepares to embark on an arduous journey to the English court as one of the Swedish Princess Cecelia s attendants With her future at home uncertain, Elin turns her attentions to life at the English court and its charismatic queen, Elizabeth I When Elin catches the eye of the Marquess of Northampton, Sir William Parr, she determines to forge a new life for herself at the center of Tudor power, and remains behind in service to Elizabeth when Cecelia and her retinue return to Sweden Taking the name of Helena, she determines to become a true Englishwoman, and devotes herself to serve her new queen Helena s loyalty to Elizabeth does not go unnoticed 3.
5 StarsReview For years, over her entire educational studies, Elin Von Snakenborg has prepared for her trip with the Swedish Princess Cecilia to the English shores to visit Queen Elizabeth The woman, the Swedish monarchy once thought may marry their king As one of Cecilia s ladies in waiting, Elin never expected to be swept into the Queen s court Her knowledge of essential oils and herbs interests Elizabeth and Elin immediately captures the fancy of the kindhearted, older and widowed Lord Northampton, a man who owes his life to Elizabeth having been imprisoned once by the Queen s elder sister, Mary Choosing to remain in England transforms Elin into becoming a true Englishwoman as she prepares for a wedding as Helena and finding her place in Elizabeth s So, I went into this knowing it was a Tudor book featuring Elizabeth , but so many people swear by Byrd s novels I decided to give it a go What I didn t realize until I got my galley was that this is a Howard Book release Howard books is Simon Schuster s faith based imprint and belongs to the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association So I must confess I was immediately apprehensive, being not Christian and not inclined toward inspirational fiction.
My apprehension was unnecessary.
I had a great time with this book it read fast, was plotty, well written, and just the diversion I needed I m definitely a Sandra Byrd fan right now and will have to be less snobbish about some inspirational fiction Byrd tells the story of Elizabeth I s court through the eyes of a Swedish courtier, Elin von Snakenborg, who later becomes Helen Elin von Snakenborg starts out as a young, 16 year old young lady She makes a long, cold journey with Sweden s Princess Cecelia to visit Queen Elizabeth I in England She soon meets an older man, and the prospect of marriage is on the horizon She makes the difficult decision to stay in England as a lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth I, and takes on the English name, Helena After all, her dowry has been gambled away, and her fiance is cheating with her sister Staying in England looks much promising than returning home to Sweden She soon learns that all may not be as it seems, though It s rare that I keep books once I ve read them This whole series is one that I have gladly given a permanent spot on my keeper shelf In fact, w

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