This was the type of book that grabbed at me immediately An open marriage I mean, I know some may be a bit uncomfortable but I just had to know Corrine is devastated the day she learns her husband wants to venture into an open marriage arrangement She loves him deeply but it s either succumb to his demands or risk him doing it anyway Such a lovely husband, yes The night she decides to look into that lifestyle she meets Cole on Tinder But as fate would have it, he s the husband s new boss Her life is changed forever when they move to the Upper East Side in New York There Corrine and Jack decide to make an arrangement for Thursday and only Thursday to do whatever and whomever they want Another rule, they have to be home by midnight Do these typ DNF at I don t really know I stopped reading right around 20%, or slightly beyond when I made my GR update, and then skimmed the entire rest of the book My views and thoughts on this book never once wavered or changed It just didn t work for me I think this is yet another case of a very intriguing synopsis luring me in with the possibility of something so forbidden, leading to a very emotional realization.
but the actual story and writing not working for me I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS.
The TWO main reasons I couldn t handle this book were the characters and their personalities as well as the actual writing style storytelling style I ll break it down The characters CORINNE was a meek some might say weak woman She was run by her husband s decisions, never her own I personally didn t like that, but I understand not all women are strong and can stand up for themselves against someone th Find this review and others at Carlene Inspired.
5 StarsCorrine loves her husband and Jack seems to love her too, but things in their marriage have gone a bit dull and he s suggested they open up their marriage One night a week they can do whatever and whoever they want, as long as they return home by midnight She thinks it ll be a one time thing for her, she doesn t anticipate falling for Cole Blackwater and wishing he was who she spent the other six days of the week with She s tempted absolutely, but she made vows and she still loves the man her husband used to be Corrine must choose, but she may lose it all along the wayI m sick of ignoring that part of myself What part The selfish part I am the opposite of most readers, I love a good marriage in trouble read, especially if it inv

This was my first Candace Knoebel novel and what a pleasant surprise it was I d been suffering through a pretty epic book rut for about a week and nothing held my interest until I opened this book, a story hyped by some fellow readers as being super angsty Well it s definitely that Ten Reasons to Stay is rich with heartache and complicated emotion, steamy sensuality and an infuriating marital dynamic I was hooked straight out of the gate and I was glued until the very last page Was this a perfect read No Sometimes the writing felt rushed, some scenes I would ve loved to be a bit drawn out felt hurried Sometimes there was a lot telling than showing Sometimes things remained at the surface when I really longed for depth Sometimes I had to really fight to feel the chemistry between characters because things were moving too fast, not developed quite enough for my ta Õ Ten Reasons to Stay (The Risky Hearts Duet, #1) Õ What a fantastic reading experience this was for me I was equally excited and anxious to read this as love triangles and infidelity are romance tropes that simply wind me up With Ten Reasons To Stay, Candace Knoebel touches on so many aspects of marriage and relationships and builds a great storyline, and romance, through this The premise, the request from her husband Jack to consider an open marriage leaves Corinne questioning her values and just what she ll do to save her marriage So rules are created and for Corinne, rules are all she needs to see it through.
The pace of this story is perfect and Knoebels writing and the way she develops her character really gave me a sense for who the couple was, and who the true outsider is It took me no time to form an opinion of both Jack and of Cole, her would be Thursday guy With Corinne we This book was so much than I expected it to be Heartbreaking, sizzling and thought provoking, I was hooked from the first page to the last TEN REASONS TO STAY has definitely put Candace Knoebel on my radar, and I can t wait to read of her work Fair warning if cheating love triangles aren t for you, then I would advise you not to read this book 4 4.
5 starsI LOVED the premise of this story An open marriage So taboo and naughty What I didn t expect was the emotional side that Author Candace Knoebel would give us Love is life Love is a seed planted If that seed is strong enough, not even the freezing cold could stop it What a tangled triangle, or many sided shape, an open marriage can bring This became a reality for Corinne and Jack in Ten Reasons to Stay I completely hated Jack for making his wife feel as though she had to accept his desire for an open marriage He was just a cheater and didn t want to feel guilty It was also disheartening to me that Corinne felt so trapped by Jack that she had to follow his desires, not hers As I held her, I realized there was no hope for me I was a goner I would do whatever Corinne asked If it meant waiting forever, I d gladly do Day A Week Thursdays My Husband And I Could Do Whatever Or Whomever We Pleased Protection Was Non Negotiable And No Matter What, We Had To Be Home By Midnight Jack Was The One Who Wanted An Open Marriage, But We Were Supposed To Keep Things Simple No Strings No Commitments It Seemed So Easy Until It Wasn TDevilishly Handsome Cole Blackwater Was Only Supposed To Be A Fling, But Everything About Him Made Me Feel Alive Wanted Seen When I [ read Online Ten Reasons to Stay (The Risky Hearts Duet, #1) ☆ vampires PDF ] by Candace Knoebel Î Realized He Was My Husband S Boss, I Should Have Broken Things Off Right Then But I Didn TOne Day A Week, I Could Pretend That I Was His And He Was Mine Until Cole WantedBut How Could I Decide Between The Man I D Promised To Love, Honor, And Cherish, And The Man Who Tempted Me To Break Every Single Vow I D Made CAN BE read AS A STANDALONE 3.
5 stars.
So, I have to admit that Ten Reasons to Stay truly caught me off guard I was expecting, of course, the ramifications of an open marriage, with Jack and Corrine muddling their way through the rules and practice But what I didn t expect was to be totally sucked in by the budding romance between Cole and Corrine And all the feels and changes and craziness that came with it.
Corrine, at her core, is a one man one woman girl She loves her husband, Jack, and wants to make him happy even at the risk of her own When push came to shove, or like the heavy realization that Jack was going to step out of their marriage, Corrine decided to try And what a surprise when meeting Cole Cole is everything she never realized she wanted And everything that she realizes is lacking in her relationship with her husband.
And Cole has never been in a true relationship he s never wanted a woman as much

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