To Get Good With Money, Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start The Financial Diet Is The Personal Finance Book For People Who Don T Care About Personal Finance Whether You Re In Need Of An Overspending Detox, Buried Under Student Debt, Or Just Trying To Figure Out How To Live On An Entry Level Salary, The Financial Diet Gives You Tools To Make A Budget, Understand Investments, And Deal With Your Credit Chelsea Fagan Has Tapped A Ñ The Financial Diet ☆ Download by ✓ Chelsea Fagan Range Of Experts To Help You Make The Best Choices For You, But She Also Knows That Being Smarter With Money Isn T Just About What You Put In The Bank It S About Everything From The Clothes You Put In Your Closet, To Your Financial Relationship Habits, To The Food You Put In Your Kitchen Instead Of Ordering In Again So The Financial Diet Gives You The Tools To Negotiate A Raise And The Perfect Cocktail Recipe To Celebrate Your New SalaryThe Financial Diet Will Teach You How To Get Good With Money In A Year The Ingredients Everyone Needs To Have A Budget Friendly Kitchen How To Talk About Awkward Money Stuff With Your Friends The Best Way To Make And Stick To A Budget How To Take Care Of Your House Like A Grown Up What The Hell It Means To Invest And How You Can Do It 3 6 ,.
This was beautifully designed and it did get me to start thinking about putting a budget together, automating payments, and starting to pay off my student loans At first it even had me laughing along with the I don t have my shit together, I m such a mess humor, but that style got repetitive and gimmicky after a while I also thought some parts were necessary and important than others do people really need a book to tell them what kitchen supplies to buy or staples every young woman should have in her wardrobe I would ve rather heard about budgeting, credit, homeownership, investments, and that sort of thing I would only recommend this to millennials.
If this book were simply useless to me, I could have given it two stars I know it s marketed towards young women who don t know much about money And that s fine, because there are people who don t know much and everyone s got to start somewhere I get that.
What made me give this book one star i.
e the lowest rating allowed I d give it negative stars if I could was how some of the information was just plain wrong Like criminally wrong So wrong that if you followed it, other poor fellow unfortunate readers, you d find yourself in deep trouble.
The first major error I m going to talk about comes in chapter 5 Do not, do not, DO NOT ever buy a house with a down payment of less than 20% One of the so called expert á The Financial Diet Þ Worth it just for the discovery of The Woks of Life website for recipes right up my alley Having already watched all of The Financial Diet s YouTube videos, and reading Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry, there s not a whole lot new in this book for me, but it was still really well done, cute, and easy to get through, and I definitely took notes on things to change or look into for the future.
I enjoyed the pictures than the content It s geared towards millennial women so it is very Instagram and Pinterest worthy in regards to layout color pictures It has a few good tips in it for example Chelsea says to save in 3 different accounts one emergency fund you can easily access, one investment fund that can be liquidated if needed and then a long investment fund all of which I personally agree with but overall it talks down to the reader And yes I understand this is a beginner s finance book but still I do not think a financial book needs a chapter on How to Be Your Own Italian Grandmother food or a chapter on decorating tips for your apartment house though the chapter on how to talk to your significant other friends about money is good.
An extension of the finance blog of the same name, The Financial Diet is a beautifully designed guide to money for millenials I really appreciate how both on the blog and in the book, there is an understanding that money is the underlying framework of our entire lives and so the book looks at how your relationship with money is connected to your career, personal style, diet, home, and many other aspects of your lifestyle.
Informative, but I wish some of the chapters had gone in depth Clearly geared at someone who has no idea what to do with money i.
e first step open a 401k and not as much someone who has the initial bases covered and is looking to go to the next level like investing.
BUT I really loved the chapters on careers and relationships, both had great advice And I also appreciated their stance that being good with money isn t about depriving yourself, but about knowing where your money is going and spending it with intention So you CAN have your avocado toast and eat it too I ve been a longtime TFD reader and normally I m actually a fan of Chelsea s writing That being said, I was very disappointed in this book, and the positive reviews it has been getting in the media One of my biggest frustrations as a woman who cares about personal finance is how difficult it is to find content that s geared towards women without being infantilizing All too frequently, personal finance for women is dumbed down to books with pink covers, pretty fonts, and the most basic information, rather than information that actually addresses things like how women should be investing differently considering we generally outlive men but take bigger hits to our lifetime net worth with parenting The TFD book represents the worst of personal finance for women, right down to the millennial pink cover There s a lot of aspirational quotes and sad feelz I liked the first part of this book, about making a budget and investing for retirement I assumed the rest of the book would offer a deeper dive into those useful topics, but instead it gave pretty surface advice from a privileged standpoint I skipped the part about Sex and the City, which seemed irrelevant Overall, not a complete waste of time, but I skimmed most of it.

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