Enjoyable story quick moving, fun escape DNA test reveals family secrets that shake up a close knit family DNA testing and the often surprising results it reveals has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion There used to be a negative connotation with the ever popular Maury Povich asking women who slept with multiple men while their boyfriends were in jail, Who s the Father Today though, it seems like everyone has an interest in their family tree, where they come from and who their long lost ancestors are Dani Shapiro s memoir, Inheritance, brought to light the power of the ancestral knowledge and the life changing impact it might have In The Sweeney Sisters, author Lian Dolan incorporates genetic testing in her storytelling, just as a casual thing people do out of curiosity It is a story that represents current times, and I found it very enjoyable.
The Sweeney The Sweeney Sisters A NovelSisters Sisters There were never such devoted sisters are you humming it This book begins with three devoted, yet mourning, sisters Their parents loom large throughout the tale but happen to be dead mostly , famous, rich, and the pages are possessed of so many clues you couldn t be blamed if you thought this was a mystery well, ok I think it is And a little ways through, tag it a romance, and part way through I began to sense someone somewhere in the writing crew has interior design credentials, with possible realtor experience There are handsome men, all mostly rich everyone is rich and golfs, tennises, and yachts One man isn t rich but knows how to grill that means he has one I was raised up a poor kid, so about there in the book I was fading these folks are too many social classes above me But then I started seeing the differences bet First off, I won this as a goodreads giveaway Thank you William Morrow and Harper Collins.
I was very impressed by this book It is about family ties This ties are often out in the open and ones that are hidden.
This story is so full of secrets it will make your head spin If you can try and finish this magnificent family story in one sitting.
I received a complimentary copy of this E book ARC from the author, publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
When Famous author William Sweeney passes away, the three Sweeney sisters gather back home to Willow Lane to settle his affairs What will happen when they gain a new sister in the process read on and find out for yourself.
This was a pretty good read I enjoyed this women s fiction book about sisters, family, and forgiveness I also thought it was cool that these characters got to befriend some real life celebrities while reading this book too like Willem Dafoe and If you like stories like this, be sure to check this book out when it officially hits bookstores and wherever books are sold online on April 28, 2020.
Accomplished Storyteller Returns With Her Biggest, Boldest, Most Entertaining Novel Yet A Hilarious, Heartfelt Story About books, Love, Sisterhood, And The Surprises We Discover In Our DNA That Combines The Wit Of Jonathan Tropper With The Heart Of Susan WiggsMaggie, Eliza, And Tricia Sweeney Grew Up As A Happy Threesome In The Idyllic Seaside Town Of Southport, Connecticut But Their Mother S Death From Cancer Fifteen Years Ago Tarnished Their Golden [ read Online The Sweeney Sisters ↠´ pulp-adventure PDF ] by Lian Dolan ¶ Hued Memories, And The Sisters Drifted Apart Their One Touchstone Is Their Father, Bill Sweeney, An Internationally Famous Literary Lion And College Professor Universally Adored By Critics, Publishers, And Book Lovers When Bill Dies Unexpectedly One Cool June Night, His Shell Shocked Daughters Return To Their Childhood Home They Aren T Quite Sure What The Future Holds Without Their Larger Than Life Father, But They Do Know How To Throw An Irish Wake To Honor A Man Of His StatureBut As Guests Pay Their Respects And Reminisce, One Stranger, Emboldened By Whiskey, Has Crashed The Party It Turns Out That She Too Is A Sweeney SisterWhen Washington, DC Based Journalist Serena Tucker Had Her DNA Tested On A Whim A Few Weeks Earlier, She Learned She Had A % Genetic Match With A Childhood Neighbor Maggie Sweeney Of Southport, Connecticut It Seems Serena S Chilly WASP Mother, Birdie, Had A History With Bill Sweeney One That Has Remained Totally Secret Until NowOnce The Shock Wears Off, Questions Abound What Does This Mean For William S Literary Legacy Where Is The Unfinished Memoir He S Stashed Away, And What Will It Reveal And How Will A Fourth Sweeney Sister A Blond Among Redheads Fit Into Their Story By Turns Revealing, Insightful, And Uproarious, The Sweeney Sisters Is Equal Parts Cautionary Tale And Celebration A Festive And Heartfelt Look At What Truly Makes A Family

Imaginative storyteller, Lian Dolan, thrills with her latest and most intriguing novel yet The Sweeney Sisters is a heartfelt, fun story of sisters going through ups and downs of life in every way one can imagine Each sister has an interesting, well developed background and personality The tale is woven expertly to keep the reader wanting and loving each of the characters for her individual traits The Sweeney Sisters and the cast of characters draw the reader in to the story, keeps the reader wanting to know , and the end is than satisfying This is a must read Put it on your list.
The Sweeney Sisters ✓ Digital galley from William Morrow and Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.
The Sweeney Sisters is the story of three siblings mourning the death of their father, a famous author whose estate is in disarray and it would appear he had some monumental secrets As they sort through the fallout they are faced with welcoming another sister into their fold This is just one of the challenges they must deal with as each sister grapples with personal upheaval at the same time Set in a tony Connecticut town, with the expected well heeled characters, The Sweeney Sisters is an enjoyable novel that I recommend to fans of messy stories about family, sisters and secrets.
5 stars rounded up William Sweeney, a famous author, has died The Sweeney Sisters is a novel covering the period following his death William Sweeney was an imperfect man who left behind several secrets and problems that his daughters must deal with while grieving The sisters are very different but share a strong love for each other As they uncover secrets from their past they also make choices and changes that define their future This was a sweet book focusing on a loving family.
I received an advanced copy of The Sweeney Sisters courtesy of Library Thing and Harper Collins.
The Sweeney Sisters This is what my friends and I call a real book It is a wonderful story about human emotions and actionsgood, bad, embarrassing, uplifting When renowned writer William Sweeney unexpectedly dies he leaves a mess for his daughtersthe three that grew up in his house and the other child he didn t acknowledge while he lived Told from the perspective of the four girls, with insight from their father s published writings, the three Sweeney sisters come to see a different side of the man who was such a big presence, and of each other The other daughter, blindsided by a DNA test, struggles to find if there might be a place for her in the family she d always envied The author has created characters that come alive within the book s pages Readers experience each emotion, as the four very different sisters struggle to come to terms with each other and the fact that their f This week is April Break for my husband, which means we ve been having family time since he s able to step away from distance teaching for a little bit It s been so nice being able to have all of this extra family time especially when our daughter is at such a fun developmental age right now I hope you have been able to enjoy some extra family time with this It s such a great positive to all of this negative around us Now another positive is that The Sweeney Sisters by Lian Dolan comes out April 28th, which is only 2 weeks away We are following the 3 Sweeney sisters when their father dies He was a famous father who has left a lot of drama behind, including a half sister no one knew about Now it s up to 4 women to figure out what this is going to mean for their lives moving forward Revie

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