This book explores the complexities experienced by a migrant family living with the reality of AIDS, the repressive regime of Swaziland where women are regarded and treated as the possessions of men, and the daily struggles of the family members and neighbours in 2001 The tale is narrated by Benedict, a 10 year old boy, who loves animals and tries to make sense of the events surrounding him The setting is authentic, the author s ear for local dialect and intonation adds to the tone of the story and the characters completely believable The author presents the complex realities of the situation with a light touch without denying the seriousness of the underlying issues.
This second book, by Gaile Parkin Follows certain characters from the first one Baking Cakes in Kigali I have loved reading both of these books as the characters are so heartfelt This books main focus is on Benedict Tungaraza , a young 10 year old boy who lives with his Grandparents , Angel, the baker of beautiful and meaningful cakes and Pius, a University professor, after having moved from Kigali, Rwanda for the grandfathers work, to Swaziland.
Young Benedict loves his new location which has a wonderful garden, and he is a big lover of birds and wildlife in general, so there is a lot to keep him busy, but he also comes up with a lot of other ways to do that.
We meet so many interesting characters, learn about the customs and the area where they are now living and delve into a lot of different issues that are goin

I really enjoyed this, although it was a little slow going The character of Benedict was adorable and I found the positive portrayal of all the lead characters refreshing Good people trying to do the right thing by those around them The background of Swaziland and the problems it s facing was informative and new to me I found some of it upsetting such as the way girls were treated or the aids statistics , but the overall tone of the book was positive and life affirming Just what I needed in my reading In this companion to Baking Cakes in Kigali, Angel s ten year old grandson slash adopted son takes the stage as narrator Benedict s interests lie not in cakes and problem solving but in animals and insects and worrying about the fact that he s the family s oldest boy and thus has responsibilities.
When I read Baking Cakes in Kigali, I struggled with the everything and the kitchen sink end of it Angel is faced with problem after problem after problem, and then she solves problem after problem after problem It left me rather exhausted and feeling as though I had whiplash Here Parkin takes a different tack while she works in a number of significant problems often to serve as lessons , neither Angel nor Benedict is expected to solve them all A woman mourning her long dead stillborn child a girl being abused by a teacher AIDS Angel s struggle to get her cake baking bu Much, much better than Baking Cakes in Kigali Parkin really seems to have hit her stride as a writer in this novel It is a sequel, but it s told from the viewpoint of ten year old Benedict, one of the five grandchildren being raised by Angel and her husband They ve moved to Swaziland, following the grandfather s job as anaid worker That bit is still unclear, apart from the fact that he makes a lot of money and has to move every year or so but then it would be unclear, to a ten year old Parents work, and what they do is either unimportant or not really clear to the younger ones.
Benedict, however, feels all the weight of his ten years Like many boys who are told they must be the man of the house and watch out for younger siblings after a parent s death, he has become too responsible, too fast This sense of responsibility makes him try to heal the breaches he sees in lives In the midst of the appalling tragedy that is HIV AIDs in the African continent, ten year old Benedict is getting on with his life as ten year old boys the world over do Both his parents are late , and with his two siblings and two cousins, who also have late parents, he has been taken under the wing of his grandparents The family has just moved from Tanzania to Swaziland for his Baba s work Mama, or Angel as she is also known, is desperately trying to get her cake baking business going, which is not easy while attempting to settle into a new place Benedict is the type of child who will find something good or positive in any situation, and for him, his new home is a paradise A beautiful garden rich with lizards, birds and When Hoopoes go to Heaven ð If you like reading about characters who are good kind people trying to do the right thing as decent human beings then this is a book for you If you enjoy Alexander McCall Smith s novels or Kerry Greenwood s then you will probably enjoy this novel.
It s the story of a family in Africa, Swaziland this time, a family where the grandparents have to bring up their grandchildren because the parents are late Dead because of AIDs This forms a serious background to a charming year in the narrator s life His grandfather has to chase jobs to earn money to feed and educate the children so they move to Swaziland for a year Young Benedict is fascinated by the lush vegetation, the animals and birds of Swaziland He turns naturalist Part of the charm of the novel is Benedict s v n Pragtige storie in die lyn van Alexander McCall Smith Benedict, n tienjarige seun, probeer sin maak van sy lewe in n 3e w reld land as n weeskind wat deur sy grootouers groot gemaak word in n groot gesin Hy probeer sy bes om die lewe vir sy ouma en oupa beter te maak maar moet onderwyl kennis maak met die realiteite van n lewe in Afrika Hy word blootgestel aan die implikasies van VIGS, armoede, seksuele mishandeling van kinders, dwelms, vroue verontregting, vreemdelinge haat, politieke korrupsie en tradisies wat soms nie meer sin maak nie, en ander wat nog steeds waardevol is Die verhaal word op n onderhoudende trant vertel en Benedict se ernstige en empatiese sien van die lewe neem mens mee op sy jaar in Swaziland.
Year Old Benedict Is Feeling Happy His Family S New Home In Swaziland Has The Most Beautiful Garden In The Whole Entire World, Teeming With Insects, Frogs And His Favourite Cinnamon Coloured Birds Here, Crouched In The Cool Shade Of The Lucky Bean Tree, It S Easy To Forget The Loneliness That Comes From His Siblings Playing Without Him, Easy To Stop Himself Fretting About How To Fix His Mama S Failing Cake Baking Business Of Course, There Are Many Things In Africa Download Epub Format À When Hoopoes go to Heaven PDF by ↠´ Gaile Parkin That Cannot Be Put Right By A Boy Who Isn T Yet Big But In Benedict S Wonder Filled World, Even The Ugliest Situation Has A Certain Magic Warm, Funny And Brimming With Life, Where Hoopoes Go To Heaven Paints A Fresh And Compelling Picture Of Life In Swaziland That Will Capture Your Imagination And Restore Your Faith In Humanity The story has its charm but does meander a bit in a story with no climax of real end Benedict, the 10 year old main character, is bright likes animals and helping his grandparents who have adopted him after the death of his parents His world and naivety describes the family s life in Swaziland and includes many cultural aspects such as the difficulty of being non Swazi, the absolute rule of the King, the rights of men to possess women, AIDS, TB and poverty It is very much an anthropologic novel of the country.
Amongst the descriptions of cake making, there is the serious storylines of ongoing molestation of a school girl by a teacher and the extremely high death rate that occurs when AIDS, TB and poverty is rife.

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