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Old Man Logan being who he is, thick as a brick that is, decides to free a D List character Asmodeus, never heard of him with some magic powers to send him back in the Wastelands to save one Banner kid from his fate Of course Asmowhatchamacallit tricks him and OML is in for a rerun of his greatest hits It seems pointless but it finally brings closure to Logan s memories and life in the Wastelands Meaning OML can stop being stuck there and then and start having a life of his own here and now That s the consolation of an otherwise average story Some scenes are rather fun when Lemire gently mocks the weird dialogues ideas of his predecessors Why would I ever think an eyepatch was a good disguiseWhy, indeed but apart from a nostalgia feeling and the notion that you can t change the past it doesn t go above the anedotic Coupled to some very disappointing art I do like Filipe Andrade on Failure From The Past Haunts Logan And To Correct His Mistakes, He Ll Need Magical Assistance But When He Faces Opposition, The Man Who Was Once Wolverine Will Turn To An Unlikely And Potentially Treacherous Ally Will An Encounter With The Young Spider Man, Miles Morales, Convince Logan To Alter His Path Or Will A Time Torn Trip Through His Past Lives From His Youth In The S, To His First Encounter With The Hulk, To His Stint With The X Men Derail [ Pdf Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol.
5:Past Lives Ä microhistory PDF ] by Jeff Lemire ☆ Logan S Mission Completely Spiraling Through His Own Living Memories, And Forced To Relive Moments Both Poignant And Painful, Will Logan Be Tempted To Try To Put Right What Once Went Wrong And What Will The Consequences Be COLLECTING OLD MAN LOGAN This feels like a goodbye for sure to a series I never quite loved but least always read enough to enjoy it So Wolverine wants to go back in time Wants to go back to his time so he can change things Of course he asks every single hero he knows to help but everyone says no So what does he do He goes to a villain because, well that s how you gotta do things sometimes Once he goes back in time he relieves some of the biggest moments in Logan s life, including the Phoenix fight and then of course a little before his family is murdered Good It s a nice farewell Reliving memories is always interesting and I loved the moment where he sees his family again It s both sad and tragic and full circle for his character Also him asking every hero for help was funny Bad It feels like running through the motions That the old man logan knows his pl 3.
5 stars but I rounded up because it is good as a final volume Old man Logan is convinced he need to rescue baby hulk from the wasteland he came from, except all the x men say no I actually laughed because I would like to think Lemire was making a jab at all the time travel in the x men lately But eventually he finds someone no spoilers to help him but he gets than he bargains for After a cool series of greatest hits moments in the life of wolverine he ends up back in the wasteland and realizes it all in vain It is a bittersweet ending but a fun ride I enjoyed Lemire writing this series and it was a tough transition to bring him into the current time frame so all and all it was a good run The art was various art 3.
5 Solid ending to Lemires run A time travel story where Wolverine grapels with dealing with his past.
è Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol.
5:Past Lives
Ñ Wasn t the original Old Man Logan story set in a different universe And if the multiverse was destroyed during Secret Wars, shouldn t that universe have been destroyed too This book was really disappointing Logan asks a supervillain to take him to his own timeline and gets betrayed duh , only to realize that he can t change the past But isn t it technically the future Ugh The only reason it does not get 2 stars is the ending.
last trade for Lemire s Old Man Logan run, which have been hit and miss at times, this one is a hit Wolverine wants to go back in time to change some wrongs, but of course something goes wrong you see him travel back to some of his greatest hits, very well handled by Lemire, and a very cool ending, only minus of this last trade is he did not finished it with Andrea Sorrentino, the main artist of this run, but still ok artwork.

Jeff Lemire phones in a pointless, forgettable story about Wolverine visiting past times of his life while unable to change anything Andrea Sorrentino has also flown the coop and left us with a couple of turds to provide the art Filipe Andrade s art is so bad, he may have actually drawn it with a turd Eric Nguyen isn t much better Marvel seems to employ a lot of subpar artists these days I m starting to miss the house style of decades past.
Not one of the better Old Man Logan collections, but at last I have caught up I started this series with 25 and I am still collecting it Next up is to back track and read the issues leading up to Wolverine s so called death As if Marvel would kill off Wolverine, even if they Old Man Logan to replace him No, sooner or later our current Logan will make a return and it should be fun to see the two Logans in the same story.

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